Wood you like to read this? – Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design

Hi there! I’m back again with lots of news over google sketchup. Lately we have been working in class on google sketch up. For a few classes Maya and I got stuck with no computers, and/or computers with no google sketchup. On these days I would work on the cut list. Without knowing the cuts, we couldn’t put those in, but Creating the basic layout for the cut list helped give me an idea what we needed to have. I researched a few types of wood from the Home Depot Store. So far we have decided on having two types of wood. The finishing wood. This is the wood that will be shown, and visible. The other wood will not be seen. Both woods are plywoods. The finishing will be a plywood called project panels cherry plywood. This wood comes in a

The Project Cherry Plywood we plan to use for the finishing

The Project Cherry Plywood we plan to use for the finishing

2X4 measurement, and is ¾ in thick. This is a light colored, and very smooth textured wood. It will brighten up the trailer, and look smashing! The wood cost about twelve dollars per 2X4. It is pretty pricey, but we will only be using a limited amount of the wood for the visible parts. The rough wood is called OSB Sheathing. This wood is very strong. And while it is not very pretty, it will keep our structure strong. Plus this wood will not be shown. It will be the wood for example under the couch.  

The basic Idea of the couch structure

The basic Idea of the couch structure

On days I do have access to a computer with google sketch I have been working on the couch. The couch is really hard to do. I was able to figure out how to get the curve of the couch pretty easily. The hard part is creating the structure and the wood cuts. I can do it, and it is coming together, but it is very time consuming. Working on the google sketchup is giving me a good idea of how we are going to build the couch, and how the pieces of wood fit together. I now have a much more clear idea on all the measurements as well.

I am concerned time wise for this project. The google sketchup is very time consuming, and we still have lots more to do! I know the plan is for us to start building the furniture right after we get back from spring break, but we also have to fix up the electrical system, and decide on a theme for the trailer. I don’t know where we will find time for all of that! Also coming up we will have to present our project in front of a panel of judges. I’m not sure what we will be presenting. I feel like all of our projects are the same thing. So I guess we will see how that goes down. The panels are in a while though, so we still have lots of time to prepare.  

Well see you next time!


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