Having Symbiosis as a Team

   By: Catherine G., Almina O., Karla R., Savannah C.

       Being a part of a team is hard, there are many things that could go wrong, especially misinterpretation. While working on this post there was a lot of that we had a hard time on, communicating was a big one. Since we knew it was an important grade, it had everyone stressed, which can lead to more issues, and even more preventable communication problems. Though it is not all about grades, the point is everything could have been prevented,  by simply  talking to each other and planning what and when certain parts needed to be done, and by whom they were done by.

       A big and important thing you need to know during teamwork activities, is you have to be accepting of different people, and open to others ideas. Also being able to hold onto an idea that you like, even if it may have its flaws, and try building off of it. Make sure to remember that you have to do your part and not let others take the lea. Be done and work as hard as you can, and  always put your best efforts into it.

       When working as a group you sometimes have the one person who leads and the rest are quiet. One thing we  had trouble with was that everyone in our group was quiet, and had trouble sharing ideas, that might have been helpful. But we found a solution by writing all our ideas on a white board, and then looking over it as a group. After we all got our ideas out we were able to discuss what we wanted to do and how we were going to do them. You will most likely have difficulties on the way when working together, but try and find a creative or even simple way to help you move through the challenges.

       Working  with other people can be hard when your headstrong. You must learn to listen to their opinions and experience what others are thinking as well. You also must think that’s good about working with others, is the fact that you get to learn about other people and their way of thinking. When you listen to others ideas you get to look at the question or topic in a different point of view, which is important when working with others.

       There are many things you can learn that will stick with you from working in a group and in partnerships  such as how to work with different people, you form new friendships with people you might not normally make friends with. You learn new ways to deal with problems as well.


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