Getting creative with Google Sketchup

By: Brenda Puente, Macy Nelms, Claudia Luong, Sara Pacheco and Rebecca Brackin


This week in class we’ve been using Google Sketchup to create 3D models of our garden designs. Essentially, Google SketchUp is a program that you can use to design your ideas, showing all the dimensions of your design- in our case the outer landscape and garden of the trailer.  You can add measurements, make furniture, use the colors you want, and many more, so it’s like a mini online version of your garden, and you can make it a correct scale. This is very helpful, because you can have a scale model of your idea, so it would be like making a model with wood, etc., on a table, but instead it is digital, which is faster and easier. It will really help us to communicate and create our ideas and designs, because we can easily get on a computer, play around, and create something great, that could contribute to our garden for the Garden Ventura Project.

Here, we have our model for our Garden Ventura Project. This is a taste of what Google Sketchup can do.


Using a new application can always be tough, so I am already anticipating having a few challenges using Google SketchUp. Luckily, we do have a group member who has used SketchUp before so that may be helpful when we run into those problems. I think another reason this program may cause our group some trouble is there are so many different buttons and tools that do a multitude of things. So this could cause us to maybe click the wrong button or use the wrong tool. I think also since on this program you work in 3-D it is different than what we are used to, which is 2-D, so it may take a little time to get used to. I believe that once we get used to the application it will be a breeze, but in the mean time while we are still getting used to the program we may run in to a few problems.     

As you know Sketchup is a program that is used for modeling the interior and exterior. A lot of jobs use this to convey their ideas. Are you ready to hear all of the typed of professionals that use SketchUp? Architecture, construction, engineering, light construction, landscape architecture, kitchen & bath design, game design, film & stage, woodworking, and so much more use Sketchup. Sketchup not only benefits us for this project, but people use it in their everyday lives. Google Sketchup is a super awesome program that will help us get a picture of what we want our garden to look like. Where are the flowers going to be? How far away from the trailer? Since our generation is all about technology, it is important for us to be introduced to this program. We are not foreign to any technology. All you have to do is let us play with it and we will create magic. I personally love to create things and buildings. In my opinion, I think this program is very fun to play with and honestly you can make many good creations with it for school projects and such. This program gets you to draft your ideas, gives you a digital model, and are just a few clicks to something cool.


Although many compliments are given to this amazing program the program itself does have a few pros and cons. Some of the pros are that it is really easy to use and you can get the hang of it awfully quickly. Another pro is that it’s very accurate, when it comes to angles and measurements, which makes it look very realistic at times. Also it is great for planning blueprints and it is a free download which is great for a very good program that many people can use for education and working purposes. Some of the cons are that the much updated and better versions of Google Sketchup are very expensive (pro version). Also the creations don’t always look so realistic which might make it hard for the people who like more realistic things.




  1. Zoe Renteria · · Reply

    I really like the fact that you described google sketchup in such great detail, not only that but that you added a picture to really show what you were talking about. Great job guys.

  2. I like how you guys explain what it does what you can do its a good explanation in what you do with the sketch up.

  3. Wow i thought that you did a really great job. At first I thought that it would be a breeze to use sketchup, but boy was I wrong. I really thought that you did a great job on describing what some of the challenges were. Really really good job. And it was awesome how you put a picture in too.

  4. I really like how you explain Google sketchup it had so many great details and I really like that you added a picture this was an amazing work!!!

  5. I like how you added the image to your words. It really makes an effect. I really love how you describe what it does and what it can do. 🙂

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