How does your Garden VENTURA grow?

Hello we are the Avengers (Vanessa, Hope, Zoë and Aleeya). We are helping the 10th graders with the trailer, through our project called, Garden VENTURA. Our job in this project is to design the exterior of the trailer, while the 10th graders designed the interior. Some of the designing that we enjoyed and were interested in included choosing the pants we were going to use and creating the SketchUp. We learned about  food webs, energy pyramids, budgeting, cycles, composting, good bugs, bad bugs, making a SketchUp, and being eco-friendly. We learned all of these things in science.

Our driving question was, “How can people take small steps toward sustainability?” To be sustainable, or eco-friendly you must keep your garden healthy. Instead of using pesticides and chemically made  fertilizer and throwing away your food scraps, ending up in landfills, you can use all the alternatives that we listed. Composting can be made anywhere, it’s easy to do, and it helps the environment and your garden. All those scraps of plants have nutrients in them and when you compost it, it breaks down and turns into very good soil. It also helps the environment because instead of going into your trash can later to go to a landfill. You can put your plant scraps in your compost.  There are good bugs and bad bugs for your garden. The bad bugs are the bugs that eat your plants. The good bugs can be pollinators and bugs that eat all the bad bugs so they can’t eat your garden. Another element of our garden are food webs that show who eats who. Like grass gets eaten by deer, the deer get eaten by the wolf, and the the wolf get eaten by the mountain lion. There are omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores. If some animal goes extinct then there can be a problem with the food web. What we learned about the energy pyramids is that they are basically about the transfer energy. For example the sun gives energy to the tree, and the giraffe and that energy from the tree goes into the giraffe, and so on.

Also in science class, we have learned that there are two main cycles of matter, the nitrogen cycle and the carbon cycle. They are very important and we need them to live. The nitrogen cycle and the carbon cycles are very important for your garden and all plants in general because they need to undergo photosynthesis and grow. Nitrogen and carbon elements for all life on Earth.

There are other skills we have learned that aren’t scientific, such as budgeting. A budget is very important for a job like Garden Ventura. We think it’s important to keep track of all of our cost so we can know if we have enough money to buy more things that we could need like wood or chicken wire. Everything cost money so we have to add up all of prices to get the total cost and see if we have more money or if we went past our budget. The SketchUp was the most interesting thing that we have learned how to do. When we learned how to use SketchUp we were also learning how to make models of our garden. We learned how to pick a template and how to design future things.


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