Changes, Changes – Laura Morales, LuLa design team

Hello my readers, I’m back. Its being a long time since I’ve been here. A lot of things have change since the beginning. Now we’re almost done with the Air stream. Right now we’re working with Google sketch-up to design the furniture of the air stream. A few changes have been made from the winning group design plan, these changes will help us with our designing of the furniture. The “Dream design team” and “Bel Floratine design team” will combine their design plan together. Only some changes will made to make our customers ( a.k.a) the teachers love the design even more. The only thing that will be change is the rounded couch that is in one end of the airstream. This couch will change because a table that is facing a wall doesn’t have windows, meaning that it doesn’t have a view for the teachers.

The colored part of this picture represents the new couch for the airstream. As I said before one side of the airstream is longer than the other one. The tables that you see in the picture won’t be there because that would make it look really crowded and we need to have some free space. Some people were unhappy with the new idea of combining the designs, one of the arguments that was being made was that the teachers already had chosen the design that they liked, so it wouldn’t be good to change the design that the teachers had like. Instead of having a debate during class,the whole class had to vote. The score was 5 against the change to 17 going for the change. Voting was a hard decision that each one of us had to make.

Last class we were learning how to drill a hole. For us to be able to do this we needed to make a pilot hole first. Pilot holes are important to make first because without it the wood might crack and the drill will use more power than its supposed to do.   This is a diagram that I founded of a pilot hole ( Diy Doctor, the home Improvement hub.) It’s important for the pilot hole to be smaller than the screw, otherwise the screw will be loose and it won’t hold the two pieces safely. The other thing that we learned was that the screw that you’re using needs to go at least halfway from the piece of wood that you’re using.  We needed to learn this because we will have to put different pieces together while constructing inside the airstream.

This is the piece of furniture I’ve being working for the past classes. You might thing is easy to design the bookshelf, but its not. For me to be able to design this I had to have it in scale and have a cut list (a list with the different sizes of wood you’re going to need to build this.) At first we were  going to use plywood, but them we changed to use softwood/or other types of wood to build this. The bookshelf is a good example where we are going to need to use our skill on pilot holes. Well this is all for today, I hope y’all like it.


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