The Art of Imagination – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

When life gives you a floor plan and a box of tools, make your craft original.

            At first I thought that the final floor plan would be our only focus; dishing out everything exactly the way it looks, with the same everything. I’m glad that each group has a chance to make the design their own. This does not mean that we are starting the whole process over again, instead, each piece of furniture that is incorporated in Dream Designers design must appear in these new originals, in relatively the same locations. Each group member of the various design firms will be responsible for a few pieces of furniture which they will then model in Google Sketch-up. After this another vote will be held where the winning design will be the one constructed into the Airstream.

            I am glad that each group will be able to put their own flare on the design and make it something truly unique, with each containing something slightly different from the other.

            Just because there is freedom in the design doesn’t mean that actually modeling makes it any easier. I will say that the modeling is the most frustrating part of this whole process because everything has to be modeled with wood size in mind. If you get this great idea and model it but it’s not in wood dimensions then you’re out of luck.

This is a chart of wood dimensions

            How do architects and engineers make such amazing things even though they have limitations? How are the other design teams going to make great furniture between the boundaries of wood and originality?

            Do singers ever feel stuck in between sheet music and creativity? Often times when I try to sing I have a hard time deciding how to make my voice sound. I’m not sure if I should sound like the original vocalist or stay true to myself, and on top of that hitting the notes just right can prove to be challenging. When the song is performed – after all the practice and work and rehearsals – everything sounds great and the audience applauds loudly, and I’m glad that I made the decision to sound like myself instead of mimicking a sound that people have already heard.

            My advice to the other designers is to take the floor plan and make it their own. It is not going to be easy to decide the look, wood type and fastening styles that will accompany each piece of art but in the end all the hard work will be worth it, like the singer who receives flowers at the end of the show.  

When the late bus – the one that I get on if I’ve stayed afterschool to attend a club or finish a project – drives down Lamar I look outside and I can see all the different buildings. Some of them are modern, vintage, casually regular, but each shop sells something different and somehow everything fits together on this street. That’s what this Airstream should be; an organized hodgepodge, where each firm shows a piece of themselves with a piece of furniture and a stroke of simply genius.

            Let’s start assembling.






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  1. Regina S. · · Reply

    “When life gives you a floor plan and a box of tools, make your craft original.” I love how this is how it was started

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