How are we going to make this? What if it brakes?- Jessica Swofford- Jedi Design Team

Hello Project Ventura followers! Welcome back to the Jedi Design teams blog! This is Swofford here with lots of new stuff! We have been working very hard on our Google Sketch-up. I have been having trouble with deciding which type of wood to use. I think the best type will be a pine wood and sheet plywood. I am in charge of designing the shelf/ space to hide the batteries. I would use the sheet plywood for the back of the shelf and then pine wood for everything else. Attached below is a picture of the sheet plywood that we will be using. It is a sturdy wood, but it is not very heavy and will be very easy to attach to the rest of the shelf.

sheet  plywood


I have also been having trouble finding out what size wood I should use and how many pieces of the wood I should buy (AKA the cut list). The cut list is a list of all pieces of wood that you will be purchasing, including the name of the wood, the dimensions of the wood and how many you will need. It is a very vital piece of the planning that you need in order to make sure you have enough of everything, but it is frustrating at times. Something that has helped me a lot is a chart that Ms. Jo gave us the link to online that tells you the standard sizes of wood that people get and another list with types of wood on it.(I think she sent it to us. I might have found the second list on my own, but I really can’t remember, as usual).

Recently we have learned how to make a pilot hole and fasten two pieces of wood together at a ninety degree angle. It is a lot more simple than I thought. I really like making pocket hole, so I looked up some other objects that you could use a Pocket  hole on, besides a shelf, because that is what we made in class for practice. I found results that include stairs, desks, chairs and more! Attached below is a picture of a pilot hole. To cover these little marks you would use wood puddy and then paint over it with the same finisher as the actual wood.

pocket hole


I really cannot wait until we start building. It is going to be so much fun! I think my favorite part about engineering is that actual building and putting together of our creations. It is super duper fun. I love anything hands on. I think that our Air stream is going to look amazing! Especially the shelf in the back, because I created it, obviously(kidding kidding. Laugh, it was a joke).

– Until the next memorable event, Swofford.-



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