A Day in the Workshop! Abby Dougherty, MAAT Design Firm

Hello yet again my fellow VENTURA-ers! It’s Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design firm, here again to give you an update on what has been going on in our engineering class, as well as with our project. Since I last posted, we have all finally completed the seemingly never-ending Milestone 2. The objective of Milestone 2 was to create each piece of furniture on Google Sketch-up, as well as provide a cut list for each piece. It was a tedious process, but we finsihed! Now that we have finished the basic designs for furniture, it will be time to start construction. In order to do that, we have partnered up with Pam Powell (who I previously mentioned in another post) from Austin Community College, to help us build the furniture.

Everyone's completed toolboxes from ACC!

Everyone’s completed toolboxes from ACC!

Today the whole class was invited to the ACC canpus on Riverside to be intorduced to a real workshop, as well as learn some of the basics when it comes to power tools. A lot of the tools we already have at the school, or they have at least been ordered, so it was really cool to learn from the experts how each tool functioned. For me, it was crazy to see such a huge functioning lab, that had the ability to create an unfathomable amount of projects. It is really exciting to think that someday our school might have the opportunity to have a space like that, where we could all learn and safely use power tools.

Pam showing us all how to use a circular saw.

Pam showing us all how to use a circular saw.

After a quick tour around the workspace, as well as some info on personal safety in a workshop, it was time to build our tool boxes! Each person was given 5 pieces of preciously cut wood to attach together to make the tool box. There were to house-shaped sides for the ends, 2 side pieces, a bottom, as well as a dowel rod for the handle. We used pilot holes, nails, and wood glue to put them together. It was awesome to be able to show up with nothing, and leave with a product that I actually put together. I always loved getting the opportunity to build stuff. It was only on occasion that I was able to legitimately put something together properly, but with all of the tools we have now, I am excited to think of all of the things that we will build! The furniture looks to be a challenge, but it’s only another hiccup in the road to a completed Airstream!

The different pieces we used to create our toolboxes!

The different pieces we used to create our toolboxes!

Seeing what a real workshop looks like gives me inspiration and hope to what our shop could potentially look like in the future. We may not entirely have the space, but I’m sure that with the proper motivation, we can make our little space awesome and filled with tools to use and explore. I am excited to see how the construction of the furniture will turn out. It seems like such a long ways away, but in reality, in a matter of months we should have the majority of our furniture constructed, and ready to be installed into the Airstream! This project sure has flown by, and I can’t wait to see the end result at the end of this year!


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