Cutting it close – Jordan Smith Jedi design

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back from the break that was very well needed. I hope everybody is still doing good and is still interested in this amazing project that is finally coming to an end and beginning. I say this because milestone 2 has now been finished. We we’re doing good the whole time, and wasn’t stressed about it at all. As we finished milestone 2, we had came back to a little surprise from Mrs. Joe. We were going on a field trip to hang with Pam and others and make tool box! I have got to say, it was the BEST field trip I have been on!

Safety First!

Safety First!

Before we got to start building we had to go through a safety class, which wasn’t too bad but we did learn a lot of well needed tips for when we start building on Friday and on the weekends! First thing you should always know is that we are protecting our eyes, feet, ears and nose! We must wear safety glasses, specifically z87 for what we were working on, closed toe shoes, a dusk mask and if working with really loud machine, ear muffs. You should always plan your worksite before hand. Protecting yourself is very important. There are so many things that can go wrong with using tools. WARNING, DO YOU READ IF YOU ARE SQIMISH. For example, a girl a Yale was working by herself at night, which is wrong because why at night and alone? Those both do not mix. Her hair was down and the machine just took over when it grabbed her hair. The worst that has ever happened to Pam is that her finger got sliced open like a butterfly, she said. Which is pretty lucky considering all the bad things that can go wrong. But back injuries happen a lot, meaning that we have to use our legs when lifting and not our back. Good tips from Pam! The best thing happened when we were learning. Warren, aka the chef came and announced that the food was ready. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD, IT WAS JUST LIKE HEAVEAN IN MY MOUTH. WOO!!! Okay, but yes it was very good food. Shout out the chef!

Jessica helping out!

Jessica helping out!

After our amazing lunch, Pam and Brad, whom we sung happy birthday to, one two many times, showed us how to use someone the power tools. They showed us how to make different shapes, how to curve and smooth and sand and it was very exciting! The picture above shows Jessica working on her tool box. Her and Itzel did some good helping with marking where to cut and measuring how big to make the holes. Points for Jedi! These steps were all leading up to our final project!



And these are the finished products! We went through a lot of training for this. Lucky, all the drilling practice we got in class helped pull this off! First we got to sand the wood to our liking and then out it together using glue, nails, a hammer, and a drill! I made two and helped Jessica and Abby with the other ones. Which we messed up 3 times and it was so funny but it was worth the try! After we finished, we left! Today was the best day to have happened it awhile. I am very thankful for the workshop today because I feel like we got many handy tips and it’s better to know before going in than just rushing through. Today was fun and I love how free and close everybody is with each other. I love the engineering pathway so much and do not regret anything we have done. The hard part is finished and let the building begin!


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  1. Chef Cesto · · Reply

    It was a pleasure helping to host you young ladies from the Ann Richards School. Woodworking should never be attempted when one in hungry. You guys could eat a dinosaur (if it was bbq’d just right over a mesquite fire.) It’s great to be involved with such motivated young people!! Chef Cesto–

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