Spring Cleaning Cinderella’s – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hey everyone!  How’s your first few days of spring going?  So far, we’ve finally begun to start working on the Airstream!  Everyone is so ecstatic to finally do something other than plan or stay inside taking notes.  Mrs. Jo says that Milestone 3 has officially begun!  Well, it’s more like part 1 of Milestone 3.  I’m just glad to actually start doing something physically with the Airstream.  I have been dying to just start working on the actual product!  But of course, lot of other interesting things happened before we actually began to work.


Pam is showing us how to construct our toolbox.  🙂

We went to ACC (Austin Community College), where Pam works, to get an overall safety check before we actually used any power tools.  It’s a mandatory step that everyone takes some sort of power tool safety course before they even use the machines.  While at ACC we learned some basic, self-explanatory procedures for when you are working with power tools and anything else in a workshop.  We have to do little things such as tie back long hair, wear safety goggles at all times, and have some sort of precaution for loud noises such as sound blocking earmuffs or earplugs.  For safety goggles, I didn’t know this, but they must have Z87 on them somewhere, which means that they are shatterproof.  There’s also a face mask that’s very useful when dealing with cutting wood that would create dusty wood shavings.  A face mask is not mandatory, but it is recommended.


If you can see, we took the framing off, but we needed a flat screw driver to completely take the frames off. The handles to crank open the widow were in the way to fully take the frame off.

While at ACC, we got to create our own toolbox!  It was pretty fun.  I did… haha… struggle…  So while constructing the toolbox, all I had to do was slide the bottom part into the two sides of the toolbox, but I was under the assumption that I was “done” so I just hammered in the other end of the toolbox.  A few seconds after admiring my work, I saw my mistake and died a little on the inside.  I was so embarrassed that I had made such a stupid mistake.  Thankfully, Pam and Mrs. Jo helped fix it.  When I finally fixed it and hammered in the new side piece, I hammered so hard that it left dent marks.  It’s not so bad… I made sure to hammer straight so it was all good.  From that moment forward, I knew I wanted nothing to do with being in construction work.  I would make too many costly mistakes that can’t be fixable, like with my toolbox.  I am firmly sticking to my computer and taking up a profession that has to do with computers.

Anyway, today though, we really started to work hard on the Airstream.  Did I mention how frickin’ dirty that trailer is?  I should probably emphasize it.  That trailer is really DIRTY.  We were all Cinderella’s for a day.  We cleaned off all the grease and dirt from the trailer, top to bottom.  We unscrewed some of the window borders to replace and clean.  I never realized that the walls even had grease on them.  I thought it was just dust and dirt compiled together that stuck to the walls because they were fabric based.  We used these spray bottles with natural chemicals that helped to get rid of the grease.  Go, tall people!  We short people tended to the reachable walls and windows.  🙂  It was a very productive day, I think.  The cleaning group that I was a part of worked really hard.  It was a nasty, difficult day at first, but we pulled through and cleaned almost every part of the Airstream.


I think Meredith deserves MVP today for cleaning that hubcap. Have you seen the before and after pictures? *shivers* That hubcap was nasty, but it’s all shiny and clean.

Our counterparts, were working on creating sawhorses.  No, they aren’t really horses made from saws… That would be dangerous and hazardous to ride, by the way…  Sawhorses are like tables that you can lay wood on to create a steady surface to cut without the need of a table.  You’d need two sawhorses for this, and our other classmates certainly created them.  They are works of beauty!  They’re about waist height to me, which is kind of short, but they are doable and will get the job done when we start constructing other main parts when we come in to work these next few weekends.  I will be working with Abby and Meredith on the 29th, which is next Saturday.  I look forward to getting some work done.  Until then, it’s spring cleaning Cinderellas to the rescue for this Airstream.  🙂


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