Cowgirls in Airstreams!- Itzel Ruiz from Jedi Design Team

Welcome back blog readers. During spring break I was downtown for SXSW a lot and I got to see around 10 different repurposed Airstream that were use as food trailers, a lounge for the Artists to have food in, and there were even some bands performing in them to live stream the performances to the internet. It was really cool and I got to see some of their inside for inspiration for our Airstream. Now we are back in action and finally working on milestone three and starting to do what we have all been waiting for… BUILDING! Well sort of. So far we have worked with Pam Powell and some other ACC professors to learn the wood working skills to be able to start working on the Airstream. Several girls came during spring break and on weekends to clean up the airstream and get it ready to build on. In class we have taken notes and gone over techniques for drilling and cutting wood as well.

This past Wednesday we got on a bus and traveled to ACC where we would go over procedures and put our skills to use. We saw several demonstrations on different tools so that we would be able to learn and use the skills in class. We each got to put together a tool box and take it home with us. We also had a lovely fajita meal from the chef. At the end of the day well boarded a city bus, toolboxes and all and rode back to school. It was a really fun and I loved to finally getting to work with tools, and develop new skills and techniques. Now that all of us have taken the safety lesson and have watched all the tools in action, we can all get to Building on the Trailer in order to complete it.

On our first day back to class Pam Powell came to help us build Saw Horses and a table for our other saws and machines. We first all took notes on the measurements and how we were going to cut the wood. Then she took volunteers to help her actually build them! I of course was so anxious to build and along with Abby, and Jessica got to help her build the Saw horses for the day. First Pam showed us how to use the different machines and also thought us how to drill. I was able to cut the body for the Saw horses along with the top part. Then I drilled both of them together with a star shaped 3-in screw. Abby and Jessica helped cut the legs at an angle so that we could attach them to the side. We drilled the legs in and then it was time for the support so that it would hold together the legs and not spread apart. We had to cut both of those at an angle as well and then we drilled them in place. We built two saw horses in one class period from scratch! I was really happy with our end product and although we had to clean up we did have time to pose for a picture as Cowgirls on the sawhorses on our way to build the Airstream.20140323-213938.jpg20140323-214135.jpg





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