The Ultimate DIY- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Pam teaches us that proper planning is needed for building.

Pam teaches us that proper planning is needed for building.

Hello, my fellow Streamers!  It’s me, Ally Reznicek, with Bel Floratine Custom Designs bringing great news to you!  It has finally begun!  Our combined visions are becoming a reality!  We have finally started remodeling the Whale!

Of course much of the credit must go to Pam Powell and her team at Austin Community College for teaching us the skills to make this happen.  We learned all about the general safety and application of various power tools than are necessary for building the Whale.  After all, it will be the design teams of Ann Richards who build this entire Airstream, not a group of contractors.  We want to learn as much as we can before construction really takes off.

Here's Miranda, sporting the most popular safety goggles

Here’s Miranda, sporting the most popular safety goggles

We learned how to protect our eyes, ears, nose, back, and toes.  In summary, we were taught to wear safety glasses to avoid airborne debris, earmuffs to avoid deafness, masks to avoid unnecessary inhalations, closed toed shoes to avoid breaking tootsies, and how to lift heavy objects properly to save your back.

When Pam was speaking to us, something she said really stuck out to me.  She said that most injuries are made when the subject is rushed or in a hurry.  This made me think of how we are working at a fast pace.  I began thinking about how all of our design teams could continue to work quickly while reducing the risk of injury.

Every source agrees that the first step to quick and efficient progress is proper planning.  I feel like we have already accomplished this thoroughly.  We have set goals for ourselves and planned every furniture item in depth and in advance.

The second step is to do anything possible to shorten time.  Although this seems broad, it can mean multitasking, limitations on breaks, or elimination of distracting surroundings.  Since we have many groups, I believe multitasking will not be a hard thing to accomplish.  Unfortunately, since there are so many of us, that also means more distractions.  But once we get in the swing of things, I believe we will become more focused.

The third step is to identify your priorities and complete them first.  This can easily mean something like cleaning the Whale before we construct or decorate it, which is something we are on top of.

Here's Meredith using a sleek and stylish sander

Here’s Meredith using a sleek and stylish sander

The fourth step is to motivate yourself.  Very little work will be done if there is no motivation.  I believe our motivation is to see the Whale being used for the first time.

The fifth step is to pace yourself to a manageable speed.  You should be moving along quickly, but you should not feel too rushed.  This is where injuries may happen if people do not pace themselves well.  If you ever feel rushed, you may need to take a quick break.

The final step is to celebrate your accomplishments and to congratulate yourself on a job well done!  Although we are not to this step yet, I can’t wait to see what the Whale is going to look like after we are all done with it!  The anticipation is my personal motivation.

I’ll see you soon with another update on the Whale!  Until next time,

Bel Floratine


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