Safety First, Then Tool Boxes!- Vedastein Custom Design, Sierra Melomo

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! It is time to begin building the interior parts of the airstream! This is the part I have to say that I have been most excited about all year to do, and this is also the start to our last milestone! I am getting so excited about how far we have gotten, and can’t wait to see the finished trailer. But before we do any of that we have to go over safety!
This past week we took a field trip to the ACC campus, and spent the afternoon with Pam powell and her co-teacher and friend Brad (on his birthday! We sang to him, don’t worry!). We went over how to protect yourself when working with big power tools, and cutters. Here’s just a few of the uber important things mentioned:

Our amazing field trip where we made toolboxes and learned all about tools.

Our amazing field trip where we made toolboxes and learned all about tools.

Wear safety goggles- There is dust everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! While at times you might feel goggles to be unnecessary, you always want to be careful of your eyes. It would really hurt, and could permanently harm your eyes if something was to fly in them.
Try to avoid loose clothing- While clothes don’t have to be skin tight, clothes should not be too loose while working with the big machines. It would be a sad day for your closet and possibly skin if your shirt was to get caught in the saw and pull you under.
Always put your hair up- Just like loose clothing, having those gorgeous locks of hair flowing about could be very dangerous. Wear your hair in a ponytail, or bun, just something to get it out of the way of the power tools while working.
Use the shields on the power tools- Most power tools for sale nowadays have shields to protect you from hurting yourself. USE THEM! Pam told us many stories of people trying to remove the shields and using the tools, and all of them ending very poorly.

There are many many more safety measures and precautions to be aware of when working! Before starting any project make sure to go through them and remind yourself to protect yourself so that way you can have a good productive day, without injuries!

After going through all the safety tips and tricks, we went to work making our very own tool boxes! Everyone made their own, and we were all able to keep them too! It was a really neat field trip, and now I am feeling more than ever to get started on building the furniture. Knowing how the saw works, and drills, I feel very prepared.

Some of the Power Tools in the ACC Workshop

Some of the Power Tools in the ACC Workshop

Some girls this past week were able to start working on the saw table. They built a table for the saw to sit on. It looks really good, and what amazed me more was how quickly they were able to build it. That day I was helping with cleaning the trailer out. Removing grease stains, and washing the walls off, and removing the screens from the windows. It was crazy to see the difference in the color of the trailer before we started cleaning it, and after. I swear the walls were a grey tinted color, but as it turns out they are a light yellowish color! I’m not sure to be disgusted or excited about that! I’ll be able to use the saw and power tools next week when we start building the furniture!!! I can’t wait. This trailer and whole project is coming together so nicely, and beautifully! It is all super awesome! I’ll let you know how my building goes!


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