Somewhere Over the Rainbow… is the Airstream – Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

Dream Designers' inspiration image

1: Dream Designers’ inspiration image

Hello everyone! Julie here with the latest news on Project VENTURA. We have finally arrived at the the last Milestone and us engineering students are excited about working on the aesthetics. We are currently making theme boards that will inspire the Airstream’s look. My group, Dream Designers, has come up with the theme “Sweet Escape”. Other groups have themes like: “Modern Morocco”, “Road Trip”, “Lighthouse”. We get to choose colors based on an inspiring image (ours is shown in picture #1). Today we visited Hancock Fabrics and acquired some fabric samples with our theme colors (ours are shown in picture #2). Dream Designers has decided to make the cushions for the couch green, the pillows white with a blue zig zag pattern, and the curtains red. The purpose of our theme “Sweet Escape” is to make the teachers feel like they’re somewhere surrounded by green trees,  blue water, and red flowers.

According to the article “Reinvent Wheel? Blue Room. Defusin a Bomb? Red Room” by the NY Times, the color blue can increase people’s creativity and the color red can increase the accuracy of people’s work. Dream Designers has both of these colors on their plan. If teachers want to work in the Airstream, they can count on being creative and accurate. However, if they just want to relax in the Airstream, our theme colors can help out for that too. The article “Psychological Properties of Colours” explains that the color red

2: Theme colors

2: Theme colors

 can cause people to feel warm, strong, energetic, and excited. The color blue gives off a feeling of serenity, coolness, and trust. The color green signifies peace, equilibrium, harmony, and rest. We want the teachers’ to-do lists to look like this when they enter the Airstream:

1. Relax

2. Relax

3. Relax

4. And don’t forget to… Relax.

Before I conclude my blog, I would like to briefly talk about Dream Designers’ work day on Saturday March 22nd. Pam Powell (she’s awesome!) helped us complete a saw table for our engineering classroom. The finished product can be seen on picture #3. During our 4-hour work day, I learned how to use a chop saw, how to put a screen on a window by using spline, how to use a drill, and how to clean the walls of an old Airstream. I also learned what a “crow’s foot” is. When you are going to cut a piece of wood, you measure exactly where and draw a “crow’s foot”. The name is quite misleading; you don’t actually draw a crow’s foot. A “crow’s foot” just looks like a triangle without the base. The final step

3: Finished saw table

3: Finished saw table

before making a cut is to get a ruler and make a straight line going through the “crow’s foot”. Then you can use the chop saw to make the cut. The first time I used it, Mrs. Powell guided me through the whole process. I really appreciate all her help; I would have cut off a finger without her.

That is it for now everyone! Have a lovely day/night!


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