So Fab(ric)–Miranda Toy, Bel Floratine

Comet Camper! A picture of their trailer from their website

Comet Camper! A picture of their trailer from their website

Hello! Project VENTURA is coming along nicely. We’re finally doing the interior design theme for the commons area and after that we just have to build it. Well not “just have to build it”, that makes it sound really easy. Today Mariah and Matt visited us and are going to be here all week to help us. They built the Comet (Cost-efficient Off-grid Mobile Eco-Trailer) and currently live in it. They were also the inspiration for Project VENTURA. Currently Mariah and Matt are living in their car as they travel for the next two months! That is honestly amazing and something that I could probably not do for even a week.

Last week our class took a field trip to Hancock Fabrics to get some samples to put on our inspiration boards. My group and I went with a French Farmhouse for the interior theme and our main colors included olive green, gray, and a creme white. The inspiration boards needed to include color swatches, fabric samples, an inspiration piece, a short description, and something unique that explained our theme (we did a menu with French pastries). It was cool to see and feel all of the different types of fabrics but I honestly do not know much about the differences and what works best for what. I’ve done some research on to find out more information!

For starters, it is very important that we choose high quality fabric since we want this to last for a long time (it’s more eco-friendly and cost-efficient!!). But we unfortunately can’t choose a super expensive fabric because we are on a budget and need to spend our money wisely. So the fiber content of the fabric determines how comfortable it is. We want our cushions to be soft, but hardy, too. Natural fiber fabrics, meaning they’re made from materials grown in nature, include cotton, silk, linen, wool, and ramie. These types of fabrics are probably the best route to go since they are also biodegradable and recyclable. Our main focus is to make the commons area as green as possible. Another type of fabric is man-made fiber, like nylon, acrylic, polyester, rayon, and spandex. Although these fabrics can be sturdy and sustainable, they do not have that eco-friendliness that we are searching for. More fabric types are leather, vinyl, and furs, none of which will be used in the trailer most likely (but the more you know).

Cotton is a well-known fabric with many perks. First, it is great year round and can do well in both heat and cold (since you know Texas weather is crazy bipolar). Also cotton is easy to clean and very durable. However, beware that it does shrink so we need to keep that in mind before we wash it. Cashmere, a man-made fiber, is that extremely soft fabric that we all want a full-piece body suit made out of. Besides it’s amazing softness, cashmere is also nice because it resists wrinkles and can be woven or knitted.

I hope this was helpful and that you know more about fabrics! This was good research because I learned yet another way to be more eco-friendly.




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