Getting Groovy with the 60’s – Jordan Smith Jedi Design

Hello everyone, we are back with our exciting airstream project! Let’s just say it’s going lovely. The past few weeks we have been putting in nothing but hard work to get this finished. Our main goal is to have this finished by next school year and I really do believe we can do it. I’d hate for it not to be done by next year because it’d be like what happened to last year. Although, we could have the incoming sophomores finish it, I just think we would like to finish it ourselves. Any who! We have been building and cleaning. I didn’t get to build because I wanted to clean up inside. So I got to! It was fun and satisfying considering I actually like to clean everything but my room! The results of it was great! It had all of this dirt that had accumulated over the years it’s just sit out and when we finished, we saw that the airstream had ended up being a whole different color than it had presented itself to be. Which is pretty gross, but thank goodness we cleaned it right?

Proud of our project!

Proud of our project!

We had a mini project that we had to do which was basically another inspiration board but it was a theme for the inside. We choose modern hippy and we got to take another mini field trip to the fabric store and it was fun as always! A lot of great ideas came from all the fabrics we had seen. The picture to the side is of us showing off the finish produced which came out so good! Thanks to Jess’s creativity skills! As you can see on our hips are tool belts that Mrs. Jo’s mom made for us for completing milestone 2! I think they’re so cute and I love mine so much. When we first got it, I put it on my belt immediately and stuffed it with all of my school stuff. I’m seriously in love with it and grateful for it because now I have a place to put tools for the work day. I seriously think I’m the only one so infatuated with it but oh well!

Mariah modeling next to Matt.

Mariah modeling next to Matt.

The same day that we got those stylish belts we got to meet Mariah and Matt. Mariah is a very nice lady who has came to help us with our project for free! She came because she loves the fact that we get to do something like this at such a young age. She has her own tiny home that she has been living in for years now. She loves it very much because it’s ecofriendly and it works well finically. She is so sweet and Matt also knows what he’s talking about. They said they ran into many errors but you will only learn by doing and not just seeing. Or at least you learn more by doing.

Mariah and Matt has traveled all the way to Texas to visit us and do interviews and where would they be living other than their tiny house? Their car! As crazy as it sounds, it’s one of the most smartest things I have heard yet. It’s also very cool. They have a frame and has an air mattress that they sleep on. They just put the back seats down and blow up the mattress and then they’re good to do. They can literally roll to the front seat and drive to the next place that they need to get to. I thought this idea was so strange at first because I didn’t understand it but when they got to explaining I started to fall in love with the idea of it. Seriously, goodbye guys! I am now living in my car… when I get one.

Living in a car!

Living in a car!


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