Old MacDonald had a French Farmhouse… Meredith Oldham, Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello Fellow Ad-VENTURA-ers!


Lots and lots has happened since we last spoke right after our ACC field trip!


This was only a couple weeks ago but the Airstream already looks different since this picture was taken, since now we’ve repaired the floor and added the bookshelf!

First, we started working on our sample boards which will serve as the inspiration for the interior of the Airstream. Each design team chose an interior theme, and the themes ranged from Modern Lighthouse to Hotel Morocco. Bel Floratine chose French Farmhouse because a) We love France and everything French! (especially the food) and B) Farmhouses are so lovely! After spending well over an hour fawning over French farmhouses on Pinterest, we finally got to work on our sample board. So we chose our inspiration image and also decided that we were all going to live in a French farmhouse.

After starting our sample boards we took another field trip to Hancock Fabrics to find some fabrics to put on our sample boards. We chose a green fabric and white sheer fabric to match our color scheme, and we also chose an orange fabric as for an accent pillow. When we returned from the field trip, we finished out sample boards and are now eagerly awaiting the results of the teacher (client) voting process. The teachers are voting on their favorite themes this week, so hopefully we’ll know the winner by the beginning of next week.

Here's a photo of the class observing the work on the Airstream floors!

Here’s a photo of the class observing the work on the Airstream floors!

But the fun doesn’t end here– guess who came to the Ann Richards School to pay us a visit? Matt and Mariah of the COMET Camper!  The COMET Camper was the original inspiration for Project VENTURA, and we’re so grateful to have them here as they’ve been “showing us the ropes,” and teaching us about their own camper experience and also about solar power and green living.

Matt and Mariah’s lifestyle is not a typical American lifestyle, and I think we were all fascinated with how they live! For the next two months, they’ll be living out of a Honda Element which they’ve “decked out,” and is super neat! It’s amazing how they’re living such an eco-friendly life on a budget! I don’t know if I could live the nomadic lifestyle like they kind of do, but they definitely inspired me to want a tiny home! Tiny homes are so adorable and more eco-friendly! It’s a Win-Win!

Ms. Jo has a really great book in her classroom about tiny homes which the Bel Floratine Team always likes looking through, and after Mariah and Matt’s presentation, I decided to do my own tiny home research!

This is one of the tiny cottages La Grange is working on in the French/Belgian countryside. (source: http://www.alternativecabanon.be)

This is one of the tiny cottages La Grange is working on in the French/Belgian countryside. (source: http://www.alternativecabanon.be)

Since our theme for our sample board is French Farmhouse, I researched some French Tiny Homes and found this really neat French/Belgian Tiny Home architect and interior designer named Christian La Grange! His interior designs are similar to our vision for our French Farmhouse Airstream theme. La Grange has also written two books on les cabanons (little cottages/homes) and is working on another one about color! If you know any French, I definitely recommend his website (alternativecabanon.be) where he has some nice photos of his work on the gallery page.

That’s all I have for today! Keep Ad-VENTURA-ing!


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