building, building, and some simple living!- Jessica Swofford-Jedi Design Team

Hello everyone! We have made so much progress with the Airstream! We have been cleaning the walls (which actually takes forever and a day no matter what type of soap you use), we have built two saw horses, covered the holes in the floor, splined almost all of the screens (put new screens in, and secured them with spline) and we also made the bookshelf on the Saturday work day. Right now, we are working on deciding what theme to make the inside of the Airstream. The Jedi Design Team (AKA Jordan, Jess, and Itzy) have chosen “Modern Hippie”. We really like the idea of using bright colors that pop and funky patterns. Attached below is a picture of our inspiration board that has patterns that we would like for the Airstream, along with paint color and anything else that had the right “vibe”.


As a group, we wanted the Airstream to be a place where the colors were upbeat and welcoming without being too overwhelming or in-your-face. Somewhere that the teachers would actually enjoy, not just the women, but also the men as well. We also knew that we didn’t want to make the inside of the Airstream to contrast or look weird with the outside original pieces, so that is another reason why we wanted to go with the theme of the 60’s. Even though the Airstream was made in the 70’s we thought it would look a lot better than a super modern theme that we see all the time today.

The biggest challenge so far, for me, that I am going to talk about today is having to make outlines/templates for the holes that we covered up in the Airstream. You would think that such a simple task would be easy, but don’t be fooled! It is actually pretty hard, but its a good challenge. Difficult, but fun in a way, if that makes any sense at all. I used isle paper that teachers use a lot at my school, and I drew the general shape of the hole by placing the paper over the hole and tracing with a pencil, leaching about an inch trim just in case I made a mistake. From there I trimmed the extra paper and then I placed the paper back on the hole so I could get a more accurate template. After I got the paper templates of all of the holes, Ms. Jo and I cut out the templates from card board. Now that I think about it, I think it would have been a little bit easier to make the templates if I had started with the cardboard from the start. It would have been easier and more accurate because it doesn’t bend like paper does.
photo (1)

This week we are honored to have Matt and Mariah visit us at school! They are two very creative and talented people that are “living simple” out of their car and small travel trailer. Mariah has a blog and has named the trailer the “Comet”. Matt and Mariah are very inspiring and they now have me looking into more simple living trailers! The trailers that I have found are awesome and have made me realize how much extra stuff and space my family and I have in our house. Simple living trailers have all of the essentials that you absolutely need to survive and have gotten rid of all of the extra and unneeded things. When I get older I definitely want to try to live simple in a trailer for at least a little while, just to see what its like. Attached below is my favorite trailers that I have found.

I found a blog called “Wanderly” and it talks about everything you could possibly wonder about simple living. They talk about how to get rid of all the unneeded things, how to know what you don’t need, how to make an income while traveling, where to go, and many other interesting topics. It also talks about how minimalism works and how/why they came upon the idea. It seems like living with the minimal amount of things needed to live is pretty hard at first, but leads to a lot of happiness. We get caught up just looking for a better way to make more money, when really you can live happily with as little as 2,000 dollars a year, which is the income the people of Wanderly have. If you would like to visit this inspirational blog, here is the link:

– Until next time- Swofford.


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