Go Green and Live Clean! Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs.

Hello, my fellow Streamers! It’s me, Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs, coming to you with an update on Project VENTURA!

Matt and Mariah have lived in houses as tiny as this one! denverlibrary.org

Matt and Mariah have lived in houses as tiny as this one! denverlibrary.org

The Whale is doing wonderfully and is all cleaned up and ready to start large-scale construction! We’ve scraped and scrubbed and plundered and patched the Whale from head to tail, so now, the only thing left is to build! In fact, we have already built the entire bookshelf!

However, one does not simply “rebuild” an entire recreational vehicle. In fact, we had two experts on compact and comfortable living come to give us pointers and teach us how to go about remodeling the Whale practically. Matt and Mariah are a part of the Tiny House Movement and specialize in creating eco-friendly and tiny homes so comfortable that even they live in one! Not only are their homes cute and tiny, they are eco-friendly as well.  Matt and Mariah explained how a DC system was the way to go because we wouldn’t lose energy through inverters, which are machines that turn a Direct Current into an Alternating Current. If most of the appliances we use, like phones and laptops, run on DC, when why do we need AC? The answer is: we don’t!

It is certain that Matt and Mariah taught us a lot of helpful things about compacting a work space and being eco-friendly, but what else can we do to make the Whale more eco-friendly? After some research, I found three easy ways to make any home more eco-friendly, and even more cost efficient too. I found this information from a DIY website named, How Stuff Works and was very helpful.

The first one seems simple, but is necessary to save money and electricity. Having a programmable thermostat is a very useful thing to have, especially when dealing with Texas weather. Most thermostats are able to be set to one temperature, which will remain that temperature until the user manually turns the system off, or adjusts the heat. Having a programmable thermostat will reduce the amount of electricity you will use because it will shut off the Air Conditioning unit during certain hours or days that you will not be using the area.

Here's the Energy Star Windows! www.americanwindowsystems.com

Here’s the Energy Star Windows! http://www.americanwindowsystems.com

Another method is by using Energy-Efficient Windows to reduce the amount of heat that enters of leaves the area. Although these windows are a bit more pricy, they can reduce your electricity usage up to 17%.

Plant a Pear Tree! ozarksgardening.blogspot.com

Plant a Pear Tree! ozarksgardening.blogspot.com

The final method is another simple one- to plant trees. Not only will the trees provide shade on hot and sunny Texas days, but they are also a good way to give back to the Earth. It also doesn’t have to be any regular, boring tree, but can be a fruit tree. The three P’s grow well in Texas climates, which are peach, pomegranate, and pear trees. I would recommend a Pear because they will grow the tallest, provide the most shade with their leaves, and require less maintenance than peaches or pomegranates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my lesson on simple green designs, until next time!

Bel Floratine


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