Restorations, Reparations and Friends -Itzel, Jedi Design Team

Hello again lovely blog followers, here at the site of Project Ventura we have been working hard to get the trailer built! We have also started to think about interior design now that we have some of our furniture built. We have all also all created sample boards so that the teachers can vote on them. For our Team, Jedi Design, we decided to go with Modern Hippie and pick colors that would really stand out. We took a trip down to a fabric store and hunted for fabrics to fit our team. We ended up picking some really neat colorful fabrics for our sample board. Sadly our board didn’t win but that’s okay because we had a lot of fun making it.

Recently we also have had some visitors from Massachusetts, Matt and Mariah. Matt and Mariah live in a Tiny house full time!  Mariah restored a camper of her own with fully eco-friendly materials and is actually the inspiration for our project. Matt and Mariah have been so helpful, and we enjoyed having them for an entire week. They taught us all about what it means to live in a Tiny House and what exactly it is. I was really interested in all the stuff that could fit in a small area, when turniture and multi-task furniture was used. We saw some really cool furniture that could be used for multiple things like a couch that could turn into a bunk bed. The slide show with all of the tiny houses made me want to have my own and I even went on Pinterest and pinned some ideas. It was really cool to see the inside of her camper and how everything fits into place. I also really liked the hand pump for water they have, and her ideas on composting. It is really cool how she can live in an off grid tiny house.Matt and Mariah also though us about electrical circuit and how electricity works in trailers. We also learned about different solar panels we can use and how it can be off grid and sustainable by it self. We learned that once you take out all unnecessary electricity like for example a broom instead of a vacuum,  you can cut down and save money on the solar power and electricity in general. Matt showed us how to test for conductivity inside of the Airstream as well to see if we could keep the old wires.

On the last day with Matt and Mariah, Pam Powell came to help us build the benches for the inside of the Airstream. My team leader was Mariah and she was really good t directing us. We pre-cut the wood then drilled pilot wholes to put it together. We were able to build the entire frame for the benches by working together as a class and with the help of our fabulous friends. We were really grateful to have Mariah and Matt come help us with our project, but we were sad to let them go. I hope we will see them at our end party when we will hopefully be done with the Airstream!

In other news a big thank you to Ms.Jo’s mom for our fashionable tool belts! Im so happy I finally have one.

Until next time,

Itzel from Jedi Design





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