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Hello fellow bloggers! Today I am going to talk about what our class did this week. This week was a very fun week, many people came to visit which meant we had a lot of help. This was very good because guess what, we were real handy men!  After days and days spent learning about tools and safety and cleaning the Airstream, we actually started to build, including cutting and drilling and everything! Something I’m really excited about telling you guys is how we managed to build and how we are able to create a part of the frame, that will support the sofas in the trailer.



This COMET Camper is what Mariah and Matt created as their off base home.

This COMET Camper is what Mariah and Matt created as their off base home.


Okay let me tell you guys about my experience in building. First let me start of in telling you guys that when I first got to school I really had no idea that I would be building the frame of the couch. When we got to our classroom most of the things that we needed were already set up for us outside. When we got outside we saw Mrs. Jo and a team of adults all huddled up and talking. The adults that helped us was Matt, Mariah, Mr. Meyer,  Mrs. Jo and most important Pam Powell. We got split into groups and we were able to work with at least one of these 5 adults. My group was Me and Laura, Jordan, Maya N, and Maya M.  Our task was to create a base of the frame for the round couch. First we started out cutting our boards 11’’ which were the height of the legs. Then we cut 15’’ for the sides and finally we cut 33’’ for the sides of the bench. When we were done cutting we started drilling. But what surprised me is that Pam had created a google sketchup to help us create the frame. When I saw many people making things out of wood I never expected them to make it from a google sketchup model, but when I saw Pam had created this for us it just blew my mind because I believe it was such a great idea.  The sketchup 3-D model helped me personally get the image in my head about how to build it. Once we started drilling we had to be careful not to split the wood. Jordan and Maya were drilling and the wood had split and we felt like we were in major trouble but to luck we were okay, because it is the Frame and this will be covered up by plywood. And to our surprise we were the first team to finish, I was so proud of myself because we had a created a part of the bench it just made me feel all good inside, like I had accomplished something.

So this the team that helped make the bench come together ! Good Job Team being the 1st ones done.

So this the team that helped make the bench come together ! Good Job Team being the 1st ones done.


Now more about these strangers Mariah and Matt. So these visitors came all the way from Massachusetts to help us and look at our wonderful airstream. Mariah and Matt are known for their own eco-friendly trailer its called the COMET. Their trailer is as small as last years trailer but their is off grid, which means they produce their own energy and everything in their camper is eco friendly from the floor to the furniture. We had the wonderful opportunity o be able to interact with Mariah and Matt. They usually go to many expos and they decided to come to our school and help us in the making of our new trailer. Mariah and are only here for about a week because they have to travel around the country to tell people about the COMET Camper, and what a difference it can make in the world. When I saw what Mariah and Matt created I believe that is was absolutely wonderful. I mean living on your own with something you created and something that helps the earth is something I would be proud to be living in their. They restored their whole entire trailer and know they live in it.


This is the COMET camper from the inside, Mariah used her dinning area as a work area and a bed all in one. This is what im talking about getting all ECO- FRIENDLY.

Something we learned from Mariah and Matt was the different ways of how to make our airstream more eco-friendly. This is from the way she designed it. She created many try cabinet furniture. She made her bed into a couch and her rest area all in one. To me this is very crazy because to create many things out of a little space really helps out with room area. Because out of one thing you normally see can be created into many mobile things. With such a small spacing inside the trailer you have to make some engineering arrangements in order for the spacing of the trailer have a meaning. This includes the use of all appliances. Something that Mariah and Matt created were when they showed us their car and how they created it into a small rest area. I mean I travel a lot but well i never really thought of spending the night inside a car, but they have it so cozy that they can just get up and hit the road when they get up no Hotels no nothing. They made use of their space in their car which made me think of how cool it must be to be able to create such a thing. Well this is where i’m going to leave most of you off. Well until next time hoping there’s more construction involved. Until next time my fellow followers.


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