The Paint-spiration Station–Gus of Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Hello Venturers! Welcome to another episode of airstream renovation. Now that we’re down to the last few months of the project, more and more is being accomplished in the two weeks between each blog post, so a lot has transpired since I last blogged! We’re into our third week of the building portion, so we’ve been spending class out in the courtyard with the power tools and construction plans.

photo 5

Chop saw assembly line

As promised, the building is the most fun we’ve had all year! Mariah and Matt of Comet Camper were here last week to assist us. With their help and Pam Powell’s help, we had an incredibly efficient chopsaw/couch construction assembly line underway for a few solid hours! We are eternally grateful to them for their knowledge, patience, and top-notch attitudes.

photo 4

Power tools!

photo 3

Here we are with Mariah and the couch!

In other news, Erf and I’s design theme, Hotel Morocco, won  over the teacher’s hearts and it is the official theme now! I am especially thrilled because I’ve been obsessing over Morocco for a whole semester and a half and now everyone else can obsess alongside Erf and I. What fun! We went into the trailer last week to discuss carpet color, paint choices, and fabrics with Mrs. Jo and it felt like a legitimate design job, which was really exciting.

Here's our theme board!

Here’s our theme board!

Today at our Saturday workday, we prepped the fiberglass for the painting by spackling the holes left over from old rivets and scrubbing the old, nasty grease off of the speckled tan walls. We started painting the ends of the trailer being a beautiful mustard shade and the other walls white. Another group worked on painting ceiling tiles blue. Even with the little amount of painting we got done, the Whale underwent an amazing transformation! The new paint job brings out the sunshine coming in the windows, while simultaneously producing a Turkish Mosque type feeling.


While on the subject of paint, I decided to look into the kind we’ve been using–chalk paint. On the Annie Sloan chalk paint site, it really illuminates why it was such a great choice for our delicate Whale. This paint doesn’t require priming, you can dilute it with water and make a wash for wood, which could be really useful for our project, it has outrageously (outrageously good, of course) low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), you can adapt the colors, which will save us money, and if you were to dump it into the lake, stream, aquifer, etc. (which we wouldn’t), it wouldn’t be harmful! It’s odorless, sticks to everything, and dries super quickly. In short, we made a great decision on paint! It’s so satisfying to see such aesthetic progress–the Whale is morphing into a new being entirely!

In other other news, this week both Erf and I (and Maya) were absent from class because we were giving tours to a fabulous group of women. We are competing against two other organizations for a $100,000 grant from their organization to build a Makerspace, which would be like if our school’s Dirty Lab became six thousand times more incredible and advanced and useful. So we brought them to three different locations around campus, one of which was Project Ventura. They seemed really interested in and thrilled about our project. One thing that they pointed out was all the experts that have contributed time and knowledge to the Whale. Though I was aware of all the help we’ve had, they really highlighted how excellent our community has been to us. Now we are all hoping and crossing our fingers that we get the grant and can build a sophisticated, beautiful space to work!

An example of a beautiful makerspace!

An example of a beautiful makerspace!

That’s all for today! See you in two weeks at which time you won’t even recognize the Whale we’ll have made so much progress!


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