Construction is On its Way! Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last written to y’all, and much progress has been made! Recently, we have really gotten to work on the construction of the interior of the Airstream. Just two weeks ago, we pretty much finished all of the basic furniture that we needed to build. So far, we have built the frames for the bookshelf, the couch/dinette area, and the counter top.

We are rapidly making progress in Ventura land! What previously seemed to be a huge and nearly impossible idea, is finally becoming a reality. Every day in class we are advancing and getting closer and closer to a final product. All of our furniture has been built in a steady, and efficient process. Every day in class we split up into groups of four or five. Each group is given a sketch-up design plan, and measurements. Next, each team cuts out their 2 x 4’s with a chop saw and starts drilling. It’s amazing how much work we can get done in only an hour and a half class period. A few weeks ago, we were able to completely finish the framing for the couch, as well as detach all of the screens from the windows.

My group and I with our finished piece of the couch!

My group and I with our finished piece of the couch!

In addition to constructing the furniture, we have been re-screening all of the windows, painting ceiling tiles, cleaning the Airstream itself, and refurbishing old cedar paneling. Keeping with our Moroccan theme, the ceiling tiles we are installing are in a floral shape, painted a deep blue with non-toxic paint. Also, the cedar paneling will be used on the sides of all of the couches, tables, and anything else that was initially going to be covered in plywood. All of the refurbished materials are really unique because it isn’t about striving for perfection, it’s about figuring out a way to work around the flaws in order to make it into art.

My overall favorite piece of furniture that we are making at the moment is the table that is set to be apart of the dinette. We are using an old screen/gate from a window that has a very unique Moroccan feel to it. Instead of using it as decorations, we are making legs and a frame, and are going to refurbish it into a nice table! It is really unique and completely from scratch, so it is really interesting and inspiring to be able to create something totally new.

The first time we learned how to use a saw.

The first time we learned how to use a saw.

This project has taught me so much about construction and the design process as a whole. It’s so cool that we have been given the opportunity to create something so awesome! I can’t wait until the Airstream is finally finished and we can look into it and think, “We actually did this. We were actually able to build and renovate this Airstream, even when we were doubting ourselves at the start.” This project seems so much more real now that it is actually in 3-D, ready to be built and finished, and like I’ve said before, I really just can’t wait to see the final result.


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