Mean Green Painting Machine – Jessica Swofford – Jedi Design Team

Hello everyone! Mission “Finish the Airstream before May 20 something” is in full swing and we are doing great! We are currently Painting and building at the same time. While doing this, we have been learning about green materials, repurposed materials and new materials. The paint we are using is a “green” paint (Has low VOC levels/not the actual color green), repurposed wood that Ms. Ewart donated, and new wood for the furniture.

I looked more into what types of paint there is other than the paint that we are using which is “Chalk Paint” that it fast drying and has very low VOC, which are fumes that have been known for causing cancer, and it seems like we have chosen the best option. Statistically, the average person spends about 80% of their life indoors, and the majority of paints can emit VOC many years after being painted on. Since we are indoors for more than half of our lives, we should make sure that the air we are breathing is safe and we can do this by using low VOC paints. VOC emitting paints are in the top 5 most hazardous things to humans. Harmony Interior Latex is one of the best paints that I have found other than the one that we have chosen to use. This paint uses raw materials like soy and sunflower oil, as well as being bacteria and mold resistant. The reviews that I have found on this product are all great.

While I was researching new paints, I came across the idea of chalk board paint. I have seen people use chalk board paint for cans to label, but I have never seen in on a whole or most of a wall indoors. I think that it would be a great idea for the trailer. Not a whole wall but just part of it, or even on the outside of the Airstream. The teachers would be able to use it to write notes or whatever they are working on at the time, it is very easy to apply and very cost efficient. Attached below is a picture of a trailer that has all of the exterior painted in chalkboard paint. I really like this idea because we live in Texas, and it never rains so the chalk would stay for a while, or at least as long as we need it to last. The second picture is of a wall that is inside of an Airstream that is painted with chalkboard paint. The people who did this said that it lasted a long time and looked very nice. Maybe we could have a different inspirational quote written on it every week.




-Until next time, my lovely readers-                  SWOFFORD.



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