Moroccan and Rolling! — Meredith Oldham, Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello Fellow Ad-VENTURA-ers!

Airstream building and painting is going full steam-ahead! The ol’ Beast is really coming along nicely, and the Moroccan theme is proving to be a tasteful theme for the Airstream. Starting with the Moroccan theme got me wondering where the unique Moroccan style comes from and what purposes the design serves. So naturally, I did some snooping around the internet to find out a bit more.

Morocco, you are too tasteful! Image Source:

Morocco, you are too tasteful! Image Source:

Moroccan culture has a richness, complexity, and originality that sets it apart from other cultures. However, while I often see “Moroccan themed such and such,” written in books or in art pieces, or even in food, I’ve realized that I actually don’t know much about the country of Morocco. Researching Morocco was not easy because I kept coming across Moroccan articles that really just showcased a Moroccan color scheme or a traditional Moroccan dish, and not really the true culture of Morocco. However, one theme that kept popping up throughout researching, was the theme of community. I think this theme of “community” is so fitting with what atmosphere we want to evoke with the Airstream, so I was thrilled to see community written all over Moroccan culture.

Another thing that was a common theme throughout my Moroccan research was the theme of diversity and cultural richness. While most of us have a narrow picture in our minds of what a Moroccan theme space may look like, the truth is that Morocco is so diverse that there is no common idea of what a Moroccan space looks like. Morocco is Arab, French, Spanish, Mediterranean, African, Roman– it’s a blend of new cultures with traditional ones to create what we know today as Moroccan culture.

This photo feels like you're in a Moroccan dream! Image Source:

This photo feels like you’re in a Moroccan dream! Image Source:

Many say “Morocco is the land of contrast” which comes from the diverse culture of Morocco, which also leads to the broad spectrum of colors associated with Morocco. The vast expanse of Moroccan color is not only inspired by human diversity but also natural diversity of flora, fauna, and the Earth. Morocco is perhaps most famous for this incredible sense of color which can date back to ancient Berber (an African ethnic group) traditions.

Another aspect of Moroccan culture that Morocco is notable for– pattern and texture. We cannot wait to incorporate Moroccan patterns into our Airstream. (we already have plans for this, don’t worry!) The most famous type of Moroccan pattern is called zellige, and it’s decorative tilework that will probably look familiar to you once you see it. Zellige techniques are often passed down through generations– each generation adding their own modern twist to the technique style.

Moroccan dyes and pigments are exquisite. Image Source:

Moroccan dyes and pigments are exquisite. Image Source:

Moroccan style has been shaped over centuries of invasions, foreign rule, and long-lasting cultural traditions. The architecture, color, pattern, and eccentric beauty of Morocco is difficult to do justice, but we’re going to try our very best with it– adding a bit of our own flair to the style as well. (ex: Cedar + Morocco = why not!?)

That’s all I have for today! I better get going– I think need to plan a trip to Morocco now! See you Ad-VENTURA-ers soon! Keep Ad-VENTURA-ing!



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