No Low-VOC Is a No Go! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

These are "tiles" that will go on the walls of the Airstream. They're painted with the low-VOC paint.

These are “tiles” that will go on the walls of the Airstream. They’re painted with the low-VOC paint.

Hey, everyone!  Alex, here!  Isn’t it a pretty “Good Friday”?  Yeah, yeah?  C’mon, I know you got the joke. 😉  Yes, today is Good Friday, and for the lucky few, that means no school.  Well, I don’t have anything too exciting other than what other people have blogged about already.  You all get the jist of everything that’s been happening.  A few days ago, I think it was last week or the week before, many important people from Google came down and accessed our work so far.  Hopefully we made a good impression!  We have all worked very hard to make the restoration of the Airstream possible.  It’s going to look absolutely amazing once we’ve completed everything.  As of now, we’ve completed creating a bookshelf, the framework of the dinette table and couch, and the Airstream is almost finished with the interior painting.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the paint job, but I have high hopes and full trust that everything will turn out great!

Since today is Good Friday, most people don’t eat meat.  I was thinking that’s kind of our way of thinking with the Airstream.  (Bear with me here, I’m going somewhere with this.)  Our “meat” is basically anything that isn’t eco friendly or non-reusable for the Airstream.  We have kept to a lot of eco friendly, reusable items with we refurbished and recreated to fit just for the Airstream.  We even used some toxic free paint.  That’s called low-VOC.  This kind of paint doesn’t produce crazy fumes after you’ve painted, which can lead to many health problems.  Thanks to, we know what makes paint low-VOC.  Basically, it’s paint made from natural raw materials such as water, milk casein, natural latex, plant oils and resins, plant dyes and essential oils.  They also list a few very good low-VOC paint products to choose from the next time you go paint shopping.

This is the dinette table.  The cedar wood lines the front of table, and we will soon put the counter top on.

This is the dinette table. The cedar wood lines the front of table, and we will soon put the counter top on.

Along the lines of reusing materials, we are also reusing a teacher’s cedar wood closet!  Hahaha… No, not literally the closet, just the wood. 🙂 Our history teacher, Mrs. Ewart, kindly donated the wood from her cedar closet.  She dismantled it and had lots of random pieces of good cedar that could be used again.  She went to Mrs. Jo and said, “Hey, you want this for the Airstream?”  Of course, Mrs. Jo happily accepted them.  The cedar from Mrs. Ewart’s closet is very nice cedar.  It still has that good wood smell, and practically most of the pieces we received were very usable.  This is called reclaiming wood, which can be good or bad, depending on the wood.  We ended on the good side, thankfully.  Although *cough cough* they were *cough cough* super dusty so everyone that was cleaning them were hacking up a stormy!  (Almost literally with all the dust that was swirling around in the cleaning corner of the portable…) I strongly suggest to wear the face mask next time.  Sure, you’ll might look like a chainsaw psycho maniac, but hey, it’s better than getting sick, right?  (Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, please use face masks when dealing with dusty wood, cutting wood, or anything that blows up debris that could make you sick.)

This is the metal frame we received.  It's heavier than it looks...but I probably just have noodle arms so... haha :)

This is the metal frame we received. It’s heavier than it looks…but I probably just have noodle arms so… haha 🙂

Also, we received some metal frames with a nice pattern on them.  I think Mrs. Jo said they were going to be the tops of the individual tables or even the dinette table.  They’re quite large, but they would make a great addition to the Airstream in going with the Moroccan theme.  Plus, it’s a cool addition of texture and materials for the Airstream.  They are a yellow-ish color, which goes with the color scheme for the interior design, but I wanna say they could be repainted, to give it a new refreshed look.  We’ll probably just clean them really well and be done with them.  Well, that’s all I have for today, hope you guys keep looking forward to our progress on Project VENTURA.


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