The Proffessional Plot Twist- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow Streamers! It’s Ally Reznicek again with Bel Floratine Custom Designs and I have a lot of news to tell you!

This is going to be the pattern for the table top!

This is going to be the pattern for the table top!

First of all, the construction process has been going very quickly! We have split into numerous groups within our class and focused on different tasks per group. For example, the past session had one group painting walls, another group sanding wood, and another group putting wood paneling on furniture.

Sporting the latest bench frame of 2014

Sporting the latest bench frame of 2014

In addition, all of our furniture frames are now complete! Mrs. Jo even found some nice pieces of cedar boards that line up and snap together like puzzle pieces. One of our teams has been stapling boards to the frames of the counter to give it a nice, finished look. Although, we do have to stress something to observers who want to sit on things, which is that the paneling on the bench if for your eyes, not your booty!

The group that I was a part of was in charge of painting the interior of the Whale. So far, we have painted one of the two ends of the trailer yellow to go with our Moroccan theme. Congratulations to Gus and Emma for the winning design! Last time, I painted the walls and ceiling of the Whale white and began painting the mural. Remember the floral wallpaper I took a picture of in one of my first blog posts? It’s that one! We have been painting it bright colors so that it will serve as a reminder of how the Airstream used to be like.

Also, the third group took care of cleaning (mostly sanding) the cedar planks that will be decorating the Whale. I did that two sessions ago, and let me say it is no easy task. You really need to put some elbow grease into sanding the boards, and you have to make sure to wear a mask so you don’t inhale too much powder from the wood.

Look how sharp the recycled cedar looks!

Look how sharp the recycled cedar looks!

Since the wood looks so nice, I was thinking of how we would decorate the rest of the trailer specifically to compliment the wood. Decorating a room with a lot of wood paneling can be very tricky, so I decided to do some research.   I interviewed Nancy, a professional interior designer from Apogee Design + Build about how we should go about decorating (upholstering and accents) the Whale with a Moroccan style in a small space without seeming too busy. Apogee Design and Build built the first totally recycled and Eco-friendly home in Austin, complete with water collection tanks and energy efficient appliances. This is what she had to say.

Q: How would you recommend upholstering the Whale, given its Moroccan theme?

A: Common cultural Moroccan designs are geometric and have a lot of patterns. However, you need to be careful not to have too many patterns. I recommend you go solid with little texture or pattern for the upholstery.

Q: Do you recommend putting any accents in the Whale?

A: I think your accents should come out in your colors, such as wall art and possibly some bowls or pots for the tables. These would be solids that are the same color that you are working with. Two or three pieces and no more.

Q: Is there a common rule of interior designing that one must never do?

A: Something you should never do in interior design is put something out of scale for the space. Never decorate a space without thinking of function first- that is the number one rule of design.

Q: Is there a common rule of interior designing that one must always do?

A: Follow the seven principles of design: Color, texture, scale, balance, repetition, uniformity, and symmetry.

Until next time!

Bel Floratine Custom Designs


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