Divide and Conquer – Julie Tapia, Dream Designers


Chalk Paint and Wax beingecochic.com

Picture 1: Chalk Paint and Wax

Greetings everyone! Hope you are all doing splendid. I’m here to talk about Milestone #3 of Project VENTURA. The engineering students are doing some amazing progress, in my opinion. Every day, each student gets assigned a job associated with the restoration of the Airstream. For example, some of us will be painting the Airstream walls, while others are cutting wood, sanding wood, assembling the furniture, or making templates. This division of labor is helping us move along quickly and efficiently. And since we switch jobs every class period, we are learning all the different skills, not just one. Today, I learned to use a jig saw and I have yet to learn how to use an air compressor. I’ve already done the cutting wood job, the assembling job, and the template job. I’ve also participated in the painting job and we are using a certain kind of paint that is environmentally friendly: chalk paint (pic #1).

Latex paints require you to sand and prime the surface you will be applying it to. And if you are sloppy, all your brush strokes will be visible. Oil paints are stinky and take a long time to dry depending on how many coats you apply. Chalk paint, on the other hand, dries quickly, sticks to

Lucy and Itzel painting the wall flats.

Picture 2: Lucy and Itzel painting the wall flats.

almost anything without sanding and priming, has a low odor, and can be cleaned up with water. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals inside paint that are released into the air as you paint something and can give you a headache. A typical bucket of paint may contain chemicals such as benzene and methylene chloride, which have been linked to cancer. Although chalk paint is a little pricey ($34.95 for a quart), a small amount of it can go a long way and it has low VOCs, meaning we won’t get headaches as we paint. The best thing about chalk paint regarding the Airstream is that, once it’s applied and dry, it gives surfaces a nice, antique look. This is perfect for our Airstream theme, which is “Hotel Morocco”. Some of the colors we will be using are blue, yellow, and orange.

Other things we are doing to make the Airstream as environmentally friendly as possible is re-using cedar wood that used to be part of Mrs.Ewart’s (a 7th grade teacher at ARS) closet. The engineering students have prepared the cedar wood for use in the Airstream furniture. We have removed the staples from the cedar wood, sanded it, and cleaned the dust off of it. Now they can be used in our furniture so it will all look even more amazing. Thank you Mrs.

Picture 3: Dream Designers' choice of carpet

Picture 3: Dream Designers’ choice of carpet

Ewart for donating the wood. Also, we will be placing carpet on the Airstream floor instead of wood. The carpet Dream Designers wishes to use can be seen in picture #3. It contains two of our theme colors: yellow and blue. Thanks for reading, have a nice day/good night!


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