MoROCKING Milestone 3- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hey everyone! So it has been a while, but I’m back to give you guys some updates about Milestone number 3! Hope you enjoy reading!

So these past few weeks we’ve been working on building the furniture for the Airstream and colorful-izing it to match our Moroccan theme. When we come in each class period we usually split up into groups to get certain jobs done. This is a really good method because with a class of 20 something girls there’s no getting anything done if we all do the same job. Some examples of the jobs we do during class are painting, building furniture, sanding wood, de-nailing wood, cutting wood, and more. So far I’ve worked with de-nailing wood, cutting out templates for furniture, and cutting wood for the furniture. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some reclaimed tongue and groove cedar panels, which can be pretty expensive, but luckily they were donated. All we’ve had to do is get all the nails out of the panels, sand them, and clean them. It’s paid off real well because they look amazing!

In line to cut wood for our furniture pieces.

In line to cut wood for our furniture pieces.


The completed saw table after a long work day.

The completed saw table after a long work day.

Today I worked with Julie on creating a template for the rounded end of the couch and then we used the jigsaw to actually cut out the top part of the couch. I always get really nervous when around sharp objects, because somehow I always end up bleeding, but luckily I made it out alive this time.

So today I’m going to talk about the jigsaw and how awesome it is. Jigsaws are a power tool that is mainly used for cutting curves, elaborate designs, shapes, and other things of that sort into a piece of wood or other material. It can be used to cut straight lines, but it would be easier to just use a table saw for a straight cut since you’d have to make sure to be very steady while cutting a straight line with a jigsaw. Something I find interesting about jigsaws is that the older jigsaws use a screw to hold the blade while the newer jigsaws can slot the blade in. There are a lot of different blades that can be used in a jigsaw like blade edge for soft materials, cranked blades that help with the setback of the blade and allow flush cutting, thin blades to for  tighter curves, and push stroke cutting blades that help prevent damage to the top surface. I learned that having control of a jigsaw can be pretty difficult because the blades are small, weak, and unsupported at the lower end. So I better be careful when working with a jigsaw again, but it went well today.

Well that’s all for today, but be sure to come back each day for more updates because we’re always doing something different in class. Mrs. Jo says we should be starting on our e-book chapters pretty soon as part of our Milestone number 3! That should be exciting, but until next blog, see ya!


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