Losing Track of Time – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

Hey loopsies! So I accidentally skipped a blog, and I apologize for that. But that means I have even more stuff to report since my last post! You’ll be getting two blogs posts from me in two days! Since it’s now been a month since my last blog, I’ve got a lot of explaining of stuff to do. We’re moving fast and furiously! Great progress is being made on the couches, table, and counters, and the entertainment center has been built (it broke, but that’s semantics). The wood of choice is pine, generously donated by our sponsor Ms. Ewart, who apparently took “cleaning out the closet” to a whole new level by taking out the actual paneling in her closet.

On Wednesday (yesterday), the class started Milestone part 3.2: The Playbook. Well, it’s not really called The Playbook, I’m just kind of cut up about the How I Met Your Mother finale. Still. But I digress. The book is basically a fancy, PUBLISHED account of everything our class has done, from research to reality. If you feel like learning about how to use power tools from Legless Lucy, Earless Emma, Paralyzed Ponce, or Eye patch Ally, ours is the book to read! (For the more serious readers of this blog, I apologize. I promise nobody has been injured during this project. Yet.) Anyways, yeah, each VENTURA group will be writing two chappies of the book, covering different ideas and things we did, from coming up with simple sketched floor plans to the Big Build Check it out after May!

Milestone 3.b

On Monday, we had a nice class, in which Alex and I got to caulk! We learned that dried caulk does not work, and how a caulk gun can cause a minor explosion. But after that, we went around the Airstream covering the seams and if I do say so myself, Ms. Jo said so herself that we did a good job. (Despite this, I don’t think I’ll go into plumbing.) The other girls painted and built stuff, and our furniture should all be finished by the end of the week! Amazing, right?!?! I’m so proud, and I didn’t even build that much!

Due to my lack of personal photography skills, here's somebody else caulking an Airstream. From a blog by Michael James Mette

Due to my lack of personal photography skills, here’s somebody else caulking an Airstream. From a blog by Michael James Mette

Now for some info EXCLUSIVE to myself (and Ms. Jo. And Sierra. And… No, really, only we know what really happened). Last Friday, while others were playing hooky (holiday, hence why only 3 people have these exclusive deets), Sierra and I did our day of helping with the Airstream. But it was actually pretty fun! I hadn’t actually worked IN the Airstream for a bit before that, and the progress that had been made since I’d last seen it was amazing. The walls were 85% painted, and we worked on finishing the painting (we actually ran out of paint, so we finished in the sense that we stopped painting, but…) There’s a cute mural space on one wall and the back and front parts of the ceiling will be orange, and the cuteness is really shining through! Sierra and I also used this super-cool insulation-type stuff called, no joke, Great Stuff. It’s that foamy insulation that seems like it will never fill up a space, but then expands and the room is filled with hardened foam when you just wanted to seal a crack. When Mariah and Matt from The Comet Camper came, Matt recommended using steel wool and Great Stuff to prevent rodents and pest from getting into the Airstream from cracks/holes in the floor. The critters will literally chew through the Great Stuff, but when you put steel wool underneath the foam, it discourages them from breaking and entering. (I do take responsibility for being the sprayer who may have made it look like a mini-explosion happened in every crevice if the trailer. But you know what, those crevices won’t be letting in any mice!) Then we worked on putting up the really pretty ceiling tiles that the other girls had painted during class. You probably heard that the Airstream will have a “Hotel Morocco” theme, and I thought that the ceiling tiles were perfect. Sadly, our hard work was in vain, because the tape didn’t actually stay sticky, but they’ll be back up, some way or another!

Great Stuff, the most exhilarating and terrifying foam in existence. (From Dow Building Solutions website.)

I know that this only covered 3 workdays, but you’ll be surprised by how much our girls have accomplished. I had doubts about finishing on time, but I really think that we can do it! When we pull this off, it will be legendary.


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