I have never thought of that… have you? – Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

20140321_121500Hello, everyone reading this blog entry!! 🙂 Today, I, Bethany Salazar am going to fill you in to what’s happening in the Project VENTURA. I know I have not posted in a while, that is because I accidentally skipped a blog entry date and I want to apologize about that. This blog entry should really go on the dates of the 17th and 18th of April. I just want to inform you all about all the great things that we as a team have accomplished so far. We have cleaned out much of the airstream to start painting and we are almost done fixing up the interior!! We have come a long way from amateurs to looking at the bigger picture and working as and with experts. We have been getting expert help from some very nice people Matt and Mariah. They are so great and wonderful, they were actually part of the inspiration of our project. They came last week and taught us what its like to live in tiny houses, and how to manage one. They do have their own website/ blog called COMET Camper at cometcamper.com. They gave us some really helpful tips on what we should do for the trailer and what would be eco friendly. They prepared a great presentation about the types of things we need to keep in mind when  At this point we are working to create the moroccan interior design scheme for the interior design part of the project. Our group decided to go renaissance, adding neutral colors for contrast and some dark colors for accents. We also wanted to keep them in the cobble stone colors because of the renaissance architecture. We also decided to go with reds and purples to represent the royalty colors at that time because our teachers are like royalty and they deserve the best.

Classical Renaissance interior design board

Classical Renaissance interior design board


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Even though our group did not win, I feel really proud of how our design board looked like.

Mariah and Matt Presenting

Mariah and Matt Presenting









              What I also did not mention is that Matt and Mariah took their car and they even turned that into a place they can stay in like a little car house. We went to go see it after their presentation. Everything they had to say was so informative, helpful and true I took so many notes on them…

With that in mind they also wanted to do some research on an important but weird point they talked about. They talked about how people would think they are all stinky because they lived in a small little trailer with worms in it for composting. At first I was shocked and a little creeped out but then once they explained the worms and humanure I started to see that, no, maybe its not as bad as it seems. I want to inform everyone about what is humanure and what are its benefits while living in small spaces like  trailers or houses. I do not recommend just typing in humanure alone in google as I did because overall humanure without it being properly used can be very harmful and nasty to deal with.

Matt and Mariah were kind enough to show us their tiny house on wheels today!

Matt and Mariah were kind enough to show us their tiny house on wheels today!


About Humanure and Humanure Toilets…


There is actually a book on humanure talking all about the benefits of humanure and what happens when used properly. The book is called  Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure by Joseph Jenkins… His message? Human manure, when properly managed, is odorless. They also advocate for humanure toilets. A humanure toilet is a collection device and not a waste disposal device. The Loveable Loo may be the only toilet that does not collect waste. The purpose of a toilet is to collect human fecal material and urine so that the collected toilet material can be recycled. When something is recycled, it is not wasted and should not be referred to as “waste” (which is why we call it “humanure”). Also collected in the toilet are toilet paper as well as paper tubes from the center of the toilet paper rolls. All urine is collected in the humanure toilet. Also collected in a humanure toilet are vomit (when sick), and baby diaper fecal material (scraped off the cloth diaper into the humanure toilet).

You can collect food scraps in a separate compost container and deposit them directly into the same outdoor compost bin. It is important to understand that the humanure compost should not be segregated from your food compost. Everything should be composted in the same pile! The enhances the health of the compost pile.

If you collect food scraps in the humanure toilet, you risk a fruit fly infestation. However, once the toilet receptacle has been removed from the toilet and set aside with a lid on it, you can put food scraps in it if you are going to empty it within a few days. There is still room for about 1 gallon of food scraps in a full humanure toilet receptacle. Keep in mind that a toilet receptacle filled to the brim may be too heavy for many people to handle.

The humanure toilet should be located in a private, comfortable setting, indoors year-round or outdoors in warmer climates, if desired. When properly used, the humanure toilet will create no unpleasant odors. Therefore many people choose to place their toilet indoors, in or near their bedrooms, offices, or in a basement, wherever it is most convenient, private and comfortable. Keep in mind that the toilets are best located where the receptacles can be easily removed to an outdoor compost bin.


I hope that I have opened up some minds instead of closing any. I hope you all had a good day and I did not spoil it by talking about human waste, I just wanted to inform people about this because in many circumstances a system like that can help in a large way. Well I hope you all had a good day and hope to see you next time! 😀


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