Late but up do date! Fabric, building, what more… -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm


Hello, Ventura followers,

I’ve been a little bit out of it lately, this post was supposed to be published on March 31, 2014, and I am going to talk about what we did during this time.


Classical Renaissance interior design board

Classical Renaissance interior design board

During this time, the Principles of Engineering class was assigned to do an inspiration board which included the theme that they wanted the airstream to portray, fabric, color schemes, and items relating to your theme. We did a small trip, to Hancock Fabrics, to obtain the items that we wanted to use for our inspiration board. Each group had a variety of themes, ours was Classical Renaissance, what we included in our board was fabric during this time such as royal colors and fabric that gave off a royal feeling or if it was very luxurious. We decided to create small prototypes of pillows, seating cushion and curtains with the fabric that we were going to use, our colors included light purples, light oranges, and light browns. I really enjoyed doing the inspiration board, it opened my eyes to careers that use or incorporate interior layouts and interior designing. I like the aspect of organizing everything on the board, making sure it wasn’t either too chaotic nor too lonely.

Another thing that occurred during this time was the visitation of Matt and Mariah, they are a couple who created the COMET Camper (Cost-efficient Off-grid Mobile Eco-Trailer) and currently reside in it. Both, Mariah and Matt, came to visit us for a week, we had the opportunity of having access to them for only three days. The first day consisted of the introduction to Tiny Houses, we learned about how they function and why they are good economically and environmentally. unnamedWe also had the opportunity of seeing Matt and Mariah’s car transformed into a tiny house in which they will reside for 2 months while they travel across the country. The second and third day consisted of actually doing labor in the Airstream, we built benches for the sofa, we were able to accomplish a lot during this time frame.

The research that I’ve decided to do for this post is over “Why Build Green?” There is ten reasons for why we should build green…. The first one is it improves the air quality in your home, no use of chemicals on building material affect health. The second one is it makes your living space more comfortable, green homes offer better humidity control. Third, it reduces energy cost, fourth: protects water reserves, green homes have a positive impact in areas affected by droughts conditions. Fifth is it reduces time and costs related to maintenance, most green material outlast their conventional counterparts. Sixth, reduces home construction waste, seventh; reduces dependance on fossil fuels and promotes cleaner air, eight; has a global impact. Ninth, reduces landscape costs and helps clean the air and lastly the tenth reason why we should build green is it qualifies for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM), with an EEM, you can buy a better, more energy efficient home and you can also qualify for a even larger loan amount, who doesn’t want a large amount of loan? The most important thing that we should take into consideration is, green building helps not only the environment but ourselves too, especially our

This is it for what we did during the time frame of March 31, I apologize for the tardiness, but I’ve had a lot in my plate lately, and so far I still do. Take Care, and I’ll see you all pretty soon. Thank you and have a nice morning, day, evening. Toodle li do! 


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