Vacation in Morocco! and Airstreams Everywhere – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Howdy all!

First, I would like to apologize for skipping a blog entry day, I have lost track of time with all the Building here in Project Ventura. We have made great progress and I am confident that we will finish by the end date.

We have begun to paint the interior of the airstream. I have helped paint the panels that will go on the top of the airstream. I have also helped paint the mural we are having inside the trailer. We are coloring in the original wallpaper flowers with the Morroco colors. The Morocco theme is really coming together with the awesome colors that Ms.Jo has picked with the help of Emma and Gus.

One thing that I have been doing alot these past few class periods is treating re-claimed wood. Re-Claimed wood is really good for the environment because you are using wood that has already been used in something else. However, a lot of times it is more expensive to use re-claimed wood than, new wood, because re-claimed wood has to be treated so that it can look pretty and we can re-use it. I have been in charge of taking out all the nails in from the re-claimed wood that we got from Ms.Ewart. Then I have to sand the wood to get rid of uneven parts. Sanding the wood is a lot harder than it seems, so we have been using gloves and face masks so that little wood particles don’t get in out nose. We then clean the wood and then its ready for use.

We have been using the re-claimed wood to make the benches that will go in the airstream pretty and more well looking. We have used the Chopsaw and staple gun to get this task done more quickly.

Inside the trailer two of the walls are already painted and the mural is coming along. The benches are situated and once we are done with all the painting and furniture we will start to install the floor and bringing in all of the appliances.

I’m really exited to see how the Airstream will end up, I have been telling my family all about it, and every time I see an Airstream somewhere I get super exited and curious on how that Airstream is being used. Just the other day I was driving by a house on my way home and I saw that a house had a Airstream on their driveway. It was a mini-Airstream and I still got really exited and took a picture (see picture at bottom). I have also see a lot of Airstreams downtown and I have even been looking on Pinterest at other Airstreams. I have really enjoyed doing this project and now I want an Airstream for myself! I’m going to need a lot of money in order to get one though.

We have also started writing Ebook chapters as a group and its a really fun experience to write down everything you know into a book for people to use in the future.

Until Next Time,

Itzel- Jedi Design Team





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