e-Books are the New Thing! -Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello Ventura followers! It’s me Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design Firm again here to give y’all a bit of an update. So like I said a few weeks ago, Project Ventura is slowly but surely coming to a close. We are currently at a bit of a halt on construction because there simply isn’t too much left to do.

As far as construction goes, all we have left to do is install the carpeting, finish painting, install all of the furniture, finish the final fabricating of the furniture, install the Air Conditioning, and hook up all of the electric wiring. Looking at the list, it seems like a lot, but it doesn’t feel like it. Most of the stuff left to be completed simply can’t be done because we don’t have the materials. For example, we are currently waiting for our carpets, paint, and Air Conditioning to arrive. Until all of those things are shipped in, we are all kind of stuck in a lull in construction. Even though the construction is currently at a halt, I have no worries about getting this done because once we have all of the materials, we can knock it all out.

Our new Air Conditioner!

Our new Air Conditioner!

In the meantime, instead of dollying around waiting for supplies, we are working on creating and e-book. The entire class is working together to create one finalized and professional e-book, which is pretty cool because when we finish, we will all be published authors. An e-book essentially is a digital copy of a book or a novel. Often times today the use of the paper back book is being a bit out shined by all of the new types of e-readers. E-books can range in length, anything from a full length novel, to a short story. E-books are published electronic literature.

Types of different e-readers

Types of different e-readers

E-books really became a thing in the early 1990’s, but they weren’t very well known, nor were they heavily in use. Some public libraries carried them, but there wasn’t a large selection of books. In 2006, e-books really took off. The Amazon Kindle came out a year after the Sony Reader, and e-books rose in popularity. Since then, e-books are much more common. Millions of people chose to read on an e-reader instead of a hard copy book. Many reasons include; e-books are often cheaper, it is easier to carry around a light e-reader with hundreds of books on it instead of one large and sometimes heavy book. Even though e-books are rising in popularity, it’s always great to sit down a read a nice hardcopy book!


For our e-book, each design team had been assigned two chapter; one technical, and one about the design process. My group was assigned the two chapters entitled, The Big Build, and Statics. The Big Build is all about the construction and fabrication of the Airstream, and Statics is all about the forces and sciences behind the trailer. I’ll admit, the statics chapter has been rough to write, simply because it’s a pretty broad topic that we don’t know a ton about, but I know that we’ll figure it out in the end.

Project Ventura is really winding down now. There’s only about four weeks left! It’s starting to be crunch time for getting it all done. I can’t wait to see the end result with it so close!


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