Painting and Progress – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello Again!

We are getting closer to the end of this project but we still have a while to do but we can finish. Recently in class we have been working on our e-books. Although its not as fun as building its still nice to inform the reader on what we though in our class and how exactly we went through the process of restoring the Airstream. We have reviewed the type of writing that we should use in our E-books. I think that it will be a nice book to have at the end so that other people can take away from our experience, our process and our mistakes. The E-book will be good so that people who didn’t have first hand experience on remodeling this Airstream will be able to see step by step how exactly we started and ended in our remodeling process and all of the work we had to do before we could start building the furniture and painting it.

We have been following the Moroccan theme very well, with all the paint and carpet that we have order. Inside the Airstream we have selected one wall, where we have kept the original wall paper from the Airstream and we are repainting with Moroccan Colors. We have painted two yellow walls as well and have ordered new paint for the rest of the Airstream. We decided to go with carpet for the floor, the carpet is orange with a design in black and goes really good with the rest of the colors.

Thanks to the 7th graders, we have gotten a super cool landscape for around the Airstream. They have made a little Picnic table area and a nice walking area by the entrance of the Airstream. This past Friday I stayed after school to help continue working on the interior of the Airstream. I helped carrying all the furniture out of the Airstream so that we would be able to paint. I worked on painting the mural and also the red and coral interior on one of the ends of the Airstream. With the help of Ally, Laura, and Chaparro, Ms.Jo built a Deck for the front of the Airstream. It took alot of work for then to get the leveling done right so that the deck wouldn’t be off balance, but at the end they were able to finish, and the end product was really nice. With this Deck it will be much easier to get out of the Airstream because we wont have to jump from the entrance of the Airstream to the floor and so it holds our Solar Panels. From and angle the Deck looks like its floating!

I am really happy with the progress we are making most of the Airstream furniture is done we just need to finish painting and use fabric and cushioning for the couch. I can’t wait to see how the Airsteam ends up but I know that all of our hard work will be all worth it. I have a really good feeling that we will finish just in time.






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