The Guide to the Unforseen Future- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow ‘Streamers! It’s Ally Reznicek again with Bel Floratine Custom Designs coming to you with another update!

Our yoga teacher trying out the new deck

Our yoga teacher trying out the new deck

Things are really moving along now- all the furniture frames are complete and we are done painting the walls of the Whale. During the last work day, we even created a wooden deck from the door of the Airstream! It’s everyone’s first patio, and we are planning to put a solar panel on it as well. Everyone was so pleased with it, we joked that we could take the entire class outside to do yoga, watching our instructor (Ms. Jo) from the patio. Even students from other pathways wanted to help work on our project!

Also, the carpet has arrived! Our Moroccan themed trailer will now be dressed with bright orange and red carpet, perfectly matching our accents on the walls. This weekend, the floor will be sealed so that we can put carpet down without having there being a chance of mold or rot.

Something that I really like about the Whale is that we will be keeping a section of the original wallpaper, as a mural or token of what it was before we restored it. It still amazes me that we are able to do all that we can without a workshop of any sort. Something like this has never been done before for a school- especially having been completed by highschoolers.

Look at what we built!

Look at what we built!

We have put in so much time and hard work into this project that I can’t wait until the teachers can use it. Though, sometimes I worry what will happen to it once our class or teacher leaves the school. What will happen to it when nobody knows how to maintain it? I don’t want all of our hard work to go to waste, so I did some research on how to maintain a recreational vehicle.

The most important thing is to have it on level ground. As many support beams should be in place as possible. This can include trailer jacks, which most modern campers already have. If the trailer does not have any jacks, you can purchase some and put one at each of the four corners of the trailer. The points of support should be at the tires, each of the four corner jacks, and the one at the tongue jacks. Since our trailer is permanent, locking jacks could be used so that when the tires eventually wear out or deflate, the trailer will still be level.

This will look great with our new carpet

This will look great with our new carpet

In addition, as strange as it seems, there are anchors for trailers-especially permanent ones- that hold the trailer in place and keep it from tipping over in case of heavy wind storms. These are not as well known because there are usually water and septic tanks that help weight them down. Our trailer no longer has those things and is much lighter than it originally was- these anchors or straps may be necessary.

Battery maintenance is also a very important part of the trailer. You have to avoid corrosion, swelling, and extreme Texas temperatures. Fortunately, modern batteries do not require much maintenance, but you still have to treat them well by keeping them in a temperature controlled environment.

I can’t wait to see the finished product! Until next time,

Bel Floratine

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