Types of Writing – Jordan Smith Jedi Design

Hello to all! Lately we have been working on the eBook we are making. Which is pretty exciting because when it’s all said and done and the book is finished I can say that I “wrote” a book. Even if it really isn’t writing a book all by myself. In class we have been working on that constantly so, don’t get mad at me if you’re expecting some wicked building tips and I teach you how to write a story! Ha ha!

Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic Panels

When you think of different types of genres in books or movies, the first thing that might come to mind is what? The basics. Romance, comedy, like I said, the basics. But, do you think of technical writing? I never did, because I didn’t ever know what it was, nor did I even know it existed. The objective of technical writing is to write about products or services, short sentences and paragraphs and denotative words. For example. the memos you all write on a post-it note? That’s one! Letters, reports, instructions (which we will be doing a lot of ), resumes and web pages. All technical writing. This blog? No where close to that! In technical writing you cannot have personality, and with that you might actually find it hard to pay attention to or might even find it boring! History books? BORING. A blog, for example is more of a creative writing with a mixture of expressive. Do you hence the difference? I hope so! But, when you get our eBook because I just KNOW you all will, I hope it doesn’t come off as boring. I know that we will a little bit of personality into it, whats a book without a few laughs, you know? I’m writing about energy and how we are using the solar panels, and I mean it’s not all that interesting. Unless, you know, you’re into that kind of jazz! In the process I learned the difference between solar panels and photovoltaic cells.Which is that solar panels collect the heat, while the photovoltaic  converts direct sunlight into electricity. Which to me is pretty darn rad!

After the colors were added!

After the colors were added!

Lately, when I have been going into the trailer to work on it, I have been painting the little flowers and it has proven to me that I too can color inside the lines as well as outside the lines. A few weeks back we didn’t have all  kinds of paint to start out with. At the time we didn’t have many colors but currently we have added a lavender color and red, pinkish and orange. And we combine colors so we aren’t wasting money and quite frankly it’s working great!

We have 25 days left to finish the airstream and I really do have so much faith that we will finish it, and it’s been my goal since the very beginning to finish it because last year didn’t get to. And I want the teachers to have a place to relax because they really do so much for us!


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