Building, painting, and learning with the Airstream! -Marlene Rodriguez from Ever-Green

Hello everyone! It’s Marlene from Ever-Green! Last week, we accomplished a lot; first we began working on our book and we also built a small porch that will make it easier for people to get out of the Airstream.

At the beginning of the week, we began writing out some of the chapters for our book. In the book, we are currently writing about the specifics we have learned over the year with the Airstream and what we needed to know in order to restore the Airstream. The book is divided into chapters whereas each group would be in charge of 2 to 3 chapters each. In this case my group is in charge of the History of Airstreams, what is Mechanical Advantages along with examples in the Airstream. In my group, we divided the first two chapters and worked on it during the week.

All that happened on the beginning of the week, but at the end of the week, we had a work day. Some of us stayed after school on Friday where we worked from 4:35pm to 8:30pm. At first I thought not much was going to happen, but we really did a lot that contributed to the Airstream! We were divided into groups where we each had different jobs. The girls inside the Airstream were in charge of painting; either the mural or inside the cupboard (which is located on the top area of where the couch would be). The rest of the girls would be outside helping building the small porch that would make it easier for people to go in and out the Airstream, since the steps under the door is broken, it would benefit whoever would be going inside the Airstream. In order to build the Airstream, we had to use special wood that’s decay-resistance and modified to be an outside kind of wood. Believe it or not, wood can be categorized into three types of outside wood; Resistant/very resistant, moderately resistant, and slightly/not resistant.

Here there’s a couple of types of wood that are resistant to the outside.

If you are a beginner on building, here’s a link that you could use as a guide to help you pick the correct wood for whatever outside project or furniture you might be building.







I was put in the outside group where I had to help and keep moving around these rock blocks to find the correct balance so that the porch could be built. It was mostly a struggle, if you got one side balanced, you had to check each side to see if it changed the balance somewhere else. Below are some pictures of what occurred Friday night! 🙂


Here’s my friend Ally arranging the boards before we nailed them down into place!


This is a picture of the mural we are keeping from the original Airsteam, can you believe this used to be a shower wall?


Here’s the outside group working on the porch! Doesn’t it look awesome!


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