Fans of FLOR–Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Alright AdVenturers. We’re officially coming down the homestretch. We are almost finished, with just three weeks left in the school year and even less time until our big presentation on May 23rd. To give you a brief update, we just finished the first drafts of our chapters for the eBook, which outlines our journey and tells the world of eBook readers what we spent our year doing. Erf and I had the two chapters about Electrical Systems and the Tiny House Movement. Thankfully, my amazingly exquisite pal Erf took the Electrical Systems chapter and I wrote the section about little houses.

Here is a series of AdVenturers on the completed couch. I am not one of them, regrettably.

Here is a series of AdVenturers on the completed couch. I am not one of them, regrettably.

In other news, we’ve had a change of plans in the original floorplan. Of course this is normal–in the real world of design and engineering, we are told there are quite frequently last minute changes and alterations to floor plans, designs, etc. Essentially, we moved the bistro table to the back where the bookshelf was and changed the placement of the food counter. This calls for some building readjustments to the table and chopping the bookshelf in half. But it’s not really much of a pain because it will improve the aesthetics so incredibly much. Also, a dream team of Maya N., Abby, Pam Powell, and a few other fabulous classmates finished putting together the couch shortly before Pam Powell jetted off to Italy. Lucky…but deserving.

This is the preliminary lay out of the beautiful carpet.

This is the preliminary lay out of the beautiful carpet.

We ordered the fabric for the upholstery for the couch and the throw pillows and it should be in next week, which will make the couch the first polished, finished piece of furniture. This is just one example of how charmingly the design is coming together. The other great example is that thanks to the beautiful carpet, the Whale is starting to become glorious and cozy, as seen below.

In order to honor the carpet for what it has done for our Airstream, I did some research on the company, FLOR. FLOR is known for three main things–the ease of assembly, the tough quality of carpet, and the environmentally friendly materials and processes used. To give you an idea, some of the yarn used was made from old fishing nets, and customers are encouraged to send used and finished FLOR square to the company so they can recycle the fibers to create new wonderful carpet squares.

Their ease of assembly is also important. All you have to do is lay out the squares and connect each point where four squares meet with a little sticky patch. This way, if the subfloor needs work or you are moving and want to bring your FLOR squares to a new home or new room, you can bring them along!

This is the adhesion process for FLOR.

This is the adhesion process for FLOR.


Finally, FLOR squares are very durable and can stand up to the elements (at least some), which is very perfect, as the Whale sits outside as a stand alone structure. So there you have the reasons that FLOR fits perfectly with Ventura–environmentally friendly, non-complicated assembly (for enthusiastic, but not professional teenage girls), and strong fibers and intense longevity. Thanks FLOR! And the color (that Erf, Mrs. Jo, and I chose against the advisement of many of our classmates) is beautiful and makes the trailer homey yet spacious, warm, and inviting, proving all of our doubters wrong! So there.

That is all for now, AdVenturers. The project is wrapping up, so keep on the look out for finale posts!



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