We are Almost There!!! Maya Nunez Vedastein Design Company

Carpet success!

Selfie with the couch!

Welcome back fellow Project Ventura viewers! Once again its Maya for Vedastien Design Company. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! We officially  have 2 weeks until the Project Ventura is done and we have the  kick off party on May 23rd were the final trailer will be revealed were the engineering class will be presenting in front of faculty, family, and professionals. So just to catch you up on everything that you have missed in the last 2 weeks. We are almost to the finish line with Project Ventura. All the furniture has been built and we have installed the beautiful moroccan themed carpet which is made 100% out of recycled material which means that we are staying true to our mission of being completely eco-friendly. Along with the carpet we have also finished painting the airstream walls with 100% mythic and eco-friendly chalk paint which is what was actually used for painting back in the 1900s but people switch to chemically loaded paints because they last longer. So on Thursday of this last week Pam Powell came back to help us for the last time before May 23rd. She is off to Italy for the next two weeks eating tons of pasta. However, she came by to help us install the couch. So all components of the couch have been built for a while, so the next step is to have it installed to the floor of the airstream and put the tops on so that it would be usable. Pam, Abby (from MATT Design Team), and I installed the couch together which included a lot of trial and error. First we had to get the the floor level so that all the parts of the couch were the same height and it was comfortable to sit on.  While doing this we also realized flaws in the building of the couches which was that so pieces were taller than others. Thankfully they were fixable mistakes that involved us hacking away at the extra pieces of wood. I actually got to use a handsaw for the first time in my life, which was slightly terrifying but it was a great experience. After we fixed all the mistakes and got the couch level we attached it to the floor by using screws and we attached the plywood tops. This means that the couch is officially done and we just need to put the cushions on which are in the process of being polystered by Mrs. Jo’s mother (the same person who made the awesome tool belts).

The Airstream Change

This is the new floor plan for the airstream which will make it more spacious for our clients. 


Lastly, a huge change has happened through to the floor plan of the airstream. Design modifications are only normal in a design process so in order to better the trailer the floor plan has changed. Instead of have the bar against the long wall of the trailer, it will instead be switch with the bookshelf. So the long table we go against the end wall meaning that we will have to trim it to have it fix and the bookshelf will be next the the coffee table of the long wall. The reason for this change is because before it looked super messy and and not as professional but now that is fixed with these floor plan modifications. Other then that the first draft of our ebooks were due on friday and they are coming along well. Ms. Jo had a whole class were she explained how to write an ebook which is what I wrote about last time. This whole thing is super exciting because it really is coming together. Everything is looking great, even the outside of it. We will mostly likely be done in time and I am super happy to be apart of such a successful project.

Okay, I was thinking what should I write about. So, we are presenting the trailer in the next couple of weeks and the most important part about a presentation is using good presentation skills so the audience understands exactly what you are saying and so that it makes the product look good. So I have decided to discuss presentation skills. So I went to presentationskills. org and the most important thing I learned from them is that you have to practice well before time in order to deliver a great presentation and make sure you know your content very well. We have been working on this for about a year so we know the content and I believe that Mrs. Jo has us scheduled to start practicing soon. Something else I read was that, if you are presenting in a professional setting like to a business group (which we are) then the most effective presentation structure would be to save start by stating conclusions first and then explaining how your got to the end product. Lastly another very important thing about presentations is to keep them fun and make sure to incorporate yourself. Ways you can do this is telling stories that are relevant and giving your own personal reflection as well. For the being yourself part, there is a lot of personality in our class so our presentation is bound to be interesting because the 22 of us have plenty to say.

This is a diagram that includes presentation skills that we will want to display when we present the final product.

This is a diagram that includes presentation skills that we will want to display when we present the final product.

Okay, so thats all I got for you guys today. The airstream is coming along. Just like in the Disney Film Princess and the Frog we can say that we ARE ALMOST THERE.  Thanks for reading and I hope to see some of you at the kick off party on May 23rd. Talk to you in two weeks.

We are so close we just gotta keep going.

We are so close we just gotta keep going.


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