I Have Confidence! Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello VENTURA followers! It’s me Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design Firm yet again, and this blog is going to be a bit bittersweet because it is my last blog post. That’s right, there are only 2 more short weeks left of Project Ventura! As a class, we have accomplished so much this year, and it’s pretty remarkable to think about. Even though there are only two weeks left, there is still lots to do so there is no time to waste!

I'd say that's a successful installing of the couch!

I’d say that’s a successful installing of the couch!

With only a few class periods left, each period has been put to the fullest use. In the last class period when we worked on the trailer, we were able to start installing the couches, which has been a long time coming! Now that we are actually starting to install everything, it finally seems like we are nearing the finish line. No longer is the end on the horizon, or “around the corner,” but it’s actually here, we can see the finish line! This process has been long, stressful, and very difficult, but I’ve learned so much and have gotten so attached to the trailer. When we were installing the couch and looking at how far we’d come, all of us were so proud of our trailer.

A job well done with the new dinette!

A job well done with the new dinette!

It’s been a while, but everything is starting to be finished. Most of the remaining pieces of the trailer have arrived, including our new Air Conditioning, which looks seriously cool, our carpets, our cushions, our fabrics, and the last of our needed paints. Even though we have all of the remaining needs for the project, we still have to finish our e-Books. Our first drafts of our e-Books were due last class, and I was shocked that we managed to finish our chapter. My group was assigned chapter 12, which is on Statics and The Big Build. The Big Build was easy, write 1500 words about the construction process of the Airstream. The Statics chapter on the other hand was much more difficult.

The Statics chapter required a lot more research than expected. My group really had no idea what exactly statics was, but with some research we discovered what it is; the study of objects at rest. Now you may be thinking, “How can someone write a chapter of an e-Book on objects at rest?” Well it wasn’t easy, but we were able to find out a bunch of interesting things about statics. It turned out that statics was a much broader topic than we initially thought, including the topic of balance, equilibrium, and centroids.

While writing the chapter on Statics wasn’t easy, we were able to do it. This chapter was just one more step to be completed before our big presentation on May 23. It’s hard to believe we are so close, but it looks like the chances of us actually finishing the trailer is pretty likely! Even though we have quite a number of things to do, I now have full confidence in the class. I have confidence that even though it may end up being pretty difficult, and may be a bit of a time crunch, it will get done. The whole class at this point is so excited for it to be done, I don’t think anyone would accept if it isn’t completed on time. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the end results!



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