Read, Write and Recycle- Laura Morales, LuLa’s Design team

Hello my fellow readers. It’s been a long time. Today I’m going to write about the e-book we are writing in class. Writing this eBook consists of a lot of researching, but that’s fun since we get to learn new things. The part that I have to write about is Manufacturing Processes and Product of life. Meaning that I have to write about the different machines that are used to build an airstream, explain why airstreams are better than RV’s. For the product of life, I have to talk about landfills, recycling and how to the problem of landfills.

So far I have learned so much about the different processes that metals have to go through to be able to be used. Researching and reading the principles of engineering textbook was really helpful to learn about this. It takes a lot of reading to be able to understand all the processes that metals go through. lens18938969_1323019754IMG_7401This pictures shows how Casting is used to make the rounded part of the airstream (photo credits: skeffling.squidoo) All the little screws that are visible from the outside go through the Investing Casting. There are a lot of more processes that the airstream has to go through but I don’t want to bore y’all.

Having to compare an Airstream with an RV is really difficult to do, since a lot of people have different opinions about both. I had to do some research to learn about RV since I knew more about airstreams. Both the trailer and RV go through a similar process but both have a different system that changes them. I agree that airstreams are better than RV because of how they’re built. The airstreams are built with thin aluminum that makes then be really light compare to the RV’s. The airstreams are also easier to town around since its not as heavy as the RV’s. You might say RV’s are better since you can drive them around unlike the airstream you have to drive it around with your car. Both the airstream and RV have similar commodities that everyone wants when they are going on a road trip. Now I’m going to talk about the Product of Life.

The product of life is used as a lifespan of a product. Meaning that it keeps the record of the product from it was first put in the market to when it was removed from the market. This is a diagram of a product that shows how much revenue it made since it was first launch into the market to when it was decline from the market. (Photo Credits: BBC- GCSE Bitesize: Product of Life) Every product that is on the market has a product of life diagram. All the produmarketing2cts that are declined from the market have to be put somewhere, this somewhere are landfills. Putting these products on landfill is bad since we are making our environment be an unhealthy place for everyone to live on. All the things that end up on the landfills later on produce toxic gases that are release to the air that we breathe on. When people breathe this air they get really sick since their body can really fight something that has a lot of toxics that can kill them. One of the solutions is to recycle, everyone can do that. Recycling is going to help our environment be a better place and it would reduce the number of raw materials that are used to make new products. If everyone in the world starts to recycle the landfill will be reduced and the environment would be healthier. Just like this picture shows everyone should recycle everything that can be recycled, you can go to different websites that can tell you what you can and cannot recycle.bigstock_Recycle_4603459


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