Time to Venture off from Project VENTURA- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog about Project VENTURA! So things are pretty much  winding down around here with only 3 weeks until the end of this Principles of Engineering class. We’ve all basically just been working on our e-book chapters and our reflections over Project VENTURA. We will have one final Saturday workday and then we have our presentation on May 23rd. I know, it’s sad to see all of this come to an end, but there will be new students next year to fill the shoes of all of us.

Anyways, my chapter Making Models: Scaled Model of Floor Plan is officially ready for revisions with exactly 1500 words on the dot. I’ve been looking down memory lane to find some pictures to put into my chapter and have found the two pictures and one diagram that I want in my chapter, so I’m kind of stuck in what to do with my life right now.

The year is ending and that means abilities are being put to the test. There are AP exams, finals, tests, quizzes, projects, and also Cornerstone presentations. Everyone seems to be stressing out and it looks as though everyone could just use a breather and a long nap. My motivation during these times is knowing that there are just 15 more school days left in the school year (and I mean four of those are designated for finals, so really we have 11 days of school left).

We have even less school days before our big presentation (only 7 days), but no one seems too worried about it. We’re planning on preparing for the presentation next week during our two class periods.  A lot of the materials we were still missing in order to finish off the Airstream have arrived and are just waiting to be put into the trailer- this includes the A.C, the carpet squares, cushions/fabric, and paints. I’m assuming and hoping that by the end of our Saturday workday the Airstream will be complete. The Airstream will be nice and painted, the A.C will be installed and run smoothly, the carpet will be laid down, and the couch will be cushioned and have its nice pretty fabric.

Look at all the stuff we have accomplished!

Look at all the stuff we have accomplished!

The beautiful exterior of the Airstream.

The beautiful exterior of the Airstream.


I can’t wait to see how the Airstream turns out. The Airstream is like our Engineering class’s little baby. We saw it when it was just a little idea on some flimsy paper, and then it became a small and sturdy scale model, and it has been shaped into what it is today through each and every class since then. I’m looking forward to when I can look at the little scale model and then compare it to the big bad Airstream.

Well I’m a bit in tears at the moment as I’m writing this. This seems like the longest goodbye letter and I’m not sure how to end this. Thanks for the good times, the tough times, the fun times, the serious times, the accomplishing times, and everything in between. I haven’t regretted a single moment of the time I’ve spent in this class, not even when I got my finger stuck in the tape dispenser and started bleeding. Thank you Project VENTURA, thanks for the memories.

Look, Julie exiting the Airstream. How fitting for this goodbye.

Look, Julie exiting the Airstream. How fitting for this goodbye.


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  1. Diana Nenque · · Reply

    Just one word, WOW!

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