Entering a New World of “Coolness” and Affordability – Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello people of earth! 🙂 I, Bethany Salazar wanted to update you on what we have been doing today in our little world. Who knew

We had some fun looking at old Airstream photos this week! Our little Airstream looks so much different now!

We had some fun looking at old Airstream photos this week! Our little Airstream looks so much different now!

that an all girl high school engineering class could accomplish something like restore an airstream. I am proud to be a part of this school and part of the engineering class of 2016. Not a lot has been going on since everyone is so focused on the ebook and the preparations for the presentation date. I personally am very nervous. With everything going on our project has had its up and downs.  Now a days we are waiting for the appliances to finish off the airstream. It needs little work, and we have come so far since that first day the airstream arrived. Mrs. Joe, our wonderful engineering teacher encourages us to look out for new affordable ideas we can use and a recent update on cool stuff to look at was the appliances.

I am going to set up the scene… (It might be a little exaggerated, but it is for the people… to make it more interesting) 😉

Its a typical A-day in the Ann Richards School for young women leaders. 2nd period is here and everyone enters the portable. Mrs. Joe is standing in the front of the class and tells everyone not the get on the computers just yet she needs to tell everyone something.

Mrs.Joe: “Hello, POE engineers! I wanted to tell you about this really cool site I found, I think I sent you an email about it” she pauses and giggles a little. “Ok, so as you all know we need the appliances for the airstream so I found the perfect air conditioner that I ordered, it was an executive decision.”

*Everyone gasps in interest* Mrs. Joe: “I bet you all will like this…” Mrs. Joe explains that the airconditioner was found in www.quirky.com and it is very affotable and its perfect for the sitiation. Then bleh blah bleh… she is explaining and it sparks interest in me personally. I find new inventions very cool and interesting so what do I do? I look up this “airconditioner” a foreign stranger to me. And I will now share what I learned with you all.

Its name is: Aros, smart window air conditioner. You may be asking what’s so interesting about an air conditioner, but you will be amazed on what this air conditioner can do. It can probably do more than anyone of us. o:

Aros… It learns from your budget, location, schedule, and usage to automatically maintain the perfect temperature and maximize savings for your home. What’s more, it can be controlled from anywhere using the Wink app on your mobile device.

And who was the brilliant inventor?.. Garthen Leslie! Like many quirky inventors Aros was invented by an everyday normal person, it could be anyone, it could even be you! He was inspired by his very own dysfunctional AC system, so he created the Aros, a smarter air conditioner. I have read review saying that its a little noisy but with the purpose of what we are doing its nots so bad of a flaw, what we need is something that would save us the energy, something affordable, and functional to put in the airstream and that is what Mrs. Joe found.
Learning more about the air conditioner I learned that Aros connects via Wi-Fi and can be monitored, programmed, and controlled from anywhere with the easy-to-use Wink app. Aros keeps a constant eye on how much you’ve spent on cooling each month and offers suggested settings based on your budget and the upcoming weather report, so you can save on energy costs. Aros learns from your patterns to cool when you need it, not when you don’t. It predicts the temperatures you like when you wake up, lounge on weekends, leave for work, or return home.Its innovative design features upward airflow, which increases circulation. It also redirects noise so you can switch between its three cooling modes and three fan speeds discreetly. And it was released May of this year! So we have some of the new futuristic and innovative appliances released.

I honestly had very much fun cruising the web site quirky and getting to know what it does. Being an inventor it is cool when you have a vision to make something great. I want to be something who has a great idea. So I better get thinking! See you soon! and goodbye 🙂


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