Cool Story Bro~! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

Hey everyone!  It’s my last blog post for the year!  I can’t say that it’ll be weird not blogging every other week, but I’m sure you guys will understand.  It’s really nearing the end of Project Ventura!  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to say we completed most of our project!  We’ve basically done everything, and we just need to put everything together.

This is where the solar panels might be, or maybe on the other side of the deck.

This is where the solar panels might be, or maybe on the other side of the deck.

These past few weeks, we’ve collectively completed our e-book, and now Mrs. Jo is putting it all together.  This weekend, she’s going to go through all our written chapters, add the pictures and diagrams we used, and edit the entire e-book.  She says it’s going to be easy, and I believe her.  It’s very doable, and I’m sure Mrs. Jo will have plenty of time to finish it this weekend.  The e-book really well done from what I’ve seen other groups write.  I think people will like it, if anything, for an interesting read on our completed project.  It’s nothing fancy, sure, but I’m glad we could actually write and publish something.  It’s a strange feeling to know that there’s someone out there, besides you dedicated viewers who read this blog, who will learn about our Project Ventura.  It really is a one of a kind project, because no other high school class that I know of is doing something like this at other schools.

This is the box it came in. It looks really nice when Mrs. Jo took it out, but we’re leaving it in the box for now. Don’t wanna scratch it or break it!

Also during these past few weeks, we got an AC for the trailer!  This guy named Garthen Leslie invented a really cool AC system that will help cool the trailer for the summertime or anytime really.  It’s called Aros, and it’s controlled by your Smartphone!  You download this app from the App Store, and you can control it without every having to find the remote.  Now, I’m an Android user, so I’m not sure how that’s gonna work, but most of the teachers at school have an iPhone or iPod.  We bought it a while ago, and we’re just waiting to put it in the trailer this weekend, actually.  The cool thing is, this AC will run on the solar panels so we don’t have to rely on the school’s grid.  If we did, well, it’d be complicated…

Mrs. Jo is demonstrating the batter by plugging in the appliances to show that it works.

Mrs. Jo is demonstrating the batter by plugging in the appliances to show that it works.

Speaking of the solar panels, we’ve finally wired a bit of the trailer!  We’ve hooked up our inverter and battery bank.  It’s pretty cool.  Mrs. Jo was demonstrating how much electricity our battery could produce to work a few appliances that would be in the Airstream.  She hooked up a lamp, a fan, and a coffee maker.  Well, the lamp isn’t in this picture, but it does work!  We actually can’t have all three running at the moment because the battery wasn’t fully charged, so only the lamp and fan could be on at the same time.  Sorry, coffee maker… maybe next time.  It’s super cool, honestly.  I’m glad things are turning out really well.  Also note, the walls are SO CLEAN!  We painted them a long time ago, but I still can’t get over how clean the whole trailer is now.  Plus, with the new added carpet, it looks really nice and cozy.  We’ve just got to do a few more touch ups, move in the furniture, and we’ll be done! 😀



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