Crossing the Finish Line – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello Again Blog Readers,

This is my final update on Project VENTURA *wipes tear* the year is coming to an end and so is Project Ventura. We are so close to finishing our teacher common area. We just need some final touch ups on paint and to finish placing some furniture. I am really happy with the way that we re-modeled the Airstream. This Friday is the “due date” for our cornerstone project. I can’t believe that the day has finally come I remember when the Airstream first arrived and how scared I was because of how dirty it looked and I couldn’t imagine being able to transform into a teachers common area. However at the same time I was really excited to get to the colorful and wild design process, but I had to go through planning everything out before being able to design and build. Through this Project Ventura process I was able to gain many skills that I will be able to apply to my life when I grow up or in any situations that arise where I can apply these skills. I loved learning about tool working from Pam Powell. I also found electrical systems very interesting and very helpful for the    future. photo (1)Matt and Mariah were also very crucial to the  understanding   of what our project means and it was really cool to meet the people   that inspired our project. Next year I will miss getting a break from   classes and getting to work on the Airstream to get rid of stress. I    genuinely enjoyed getting to experience first hand what it was like  to complete a project in the real world. Although we have a couple  bumps in the road, we ended up coming up with clever ways around  them. Our project will leave behind not only a teacher area for our  teachers at ARS but also, a wonderful model of en eco-friendly  trailer that is saving the planet with solar panel and all of the  furniture inside made from recycled materials. My hope is that other young women who see the Airstream or read our blogs will feel inpired by us to go out and do something in the engineering field or to help the environment, even if is something as little as composting or switching out her light bulbs for more eco-friendly ones. Project VENTURA has helped me find an even greater passion for engineering and building than I already have. I do hope to pursue engineering in the future as a career and I will keep all the skills that I have learned from Project Ventura. I am extremely happy with what we did this year and how nice it looks now. I can’t wait to share our experience through the ebook we are working on and at our big Project Ventura Party we are having on Friday. I will always keep Project Ventura with me not only because of the new engineering skills I have acquired like working with power tools but also more social skills like goal-setting and achieving, and having good problem solving skills. Project Ventura has been really fun and I hope to do something like it in the near future. Lastly thank you for reading all of my blog posts.



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