Light at the End of the Hotel Morocco Tunnel, by Ms. JO the Teacher

Well, we’re down to the wire as they say. Five days until the big presentation, and I am at a loss for what adjective to use to describe the way I feel. I put the word “psyched” into and here’s what it spat out:

beside oneself
fired up
juiced up
keyed up
on fire
worked up

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I had to do some yoga just to calm down.

Thank goodness for our awesome deck. 20140518-214135.jpg

The Project Ventura ladies have been busy writing their ebook chapters in preparation for the Big Presentation on Friday followed by our “Airstream Party” where we let everyone marvel at our work.

Here’s a brief update on what I’ve been doing lately to make sure we meet our deadline.
On Mother’s Day last weekend, my Mom, who is a master seamstress, took our cushions home with her to cover them with the Hotel Morocco materials. So, on Thursday, my Pops, Max ,and I trekked down to the good ol’ Rio Grande Valley to pick up the goods. It was nice because my 96-year old Abuela broke her hip a few weeks ago, so we got to go visit her and cheer her up, so the trip was well worth it! Unfortunately, the 4.5 hours in the car was pretty boring as you can see by Max and I’s expression here. 20140518-214304.jpg

The cushions turned out fabulously, as to be expected with anything my mom touches. The craft is strong in that one. We were lucky 20140518-214218.jpgthe cushions actually fit into my dad’s CRV, especially with the 100 toy cars Max insisted on taking with us.

Last week, Roger Soden, the awesome Media Tech teacher and handy man extraordinaire helped us hook up the DC/AC solar inverter system. It was pretty easy, but it was definitely nice to have Roger there to make sure everything was put together correctly.














Yesterday (Saturday) one of the dedicated Ventura students, Abby D., came by and helped me re-work a few pieces of the furniture. We actually got a ton accomplished in a few short hours! Later that evening, I chowed down on some Chinese take-out, and my fortune was telling.



Here are a few pics of what we have so far. It is definitely turning out to be a very bright and cheerful place! As a teacher, I know I will really appreciate coming to eat lunch and/or work here during the workweek. Who couldn’t use a little Moroccan vacation in the middle of the day?!


Well, that’s all for now! I’ll be sure to give a final post about the presentations and such and give links to our soon to be published eBook on Airstream Restoration!

Oh, one last thing. While down visiting my mom and granny, I came across one of my favorite books when I was a little girl. It’s called Barbapapa by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.  Reading it was a serious trip down memory lane, and It was downright awesome reading it to Max! The story is  about a strange pink blob creature named Barbapapa who sprouts up from the garden one day and teaches everyone how to be giving. He grows to be too big, so they put him in the zoo. It is there that Barbapapa discovers that he is able to morph into different shapes and such in order to adapt to a given situation. He then goes on to use this power to help the people in his community. Why am I talking about this here? Barbapapa is very loosely a metaphor for the process my students and I have just gone though. We really didn’t know what we were doing, we just knew it was big, and that we needed to be flexible and just kinda go with the flow. I think, however, what was driving us the whole time was that what we were making was actually for someone…people who are important to us and our school. It was a risk, definitely scary at times, but well worth it now that we are just about done and everyone feels so proud and satisfied and excited to give the Airstream gift to the teachers and staff at our school!. Anyhow, I really think this book affected my sense of creativity and community as a child. And I think Barbapapa would have liked our Airstream. Go get a copy on Ebay today!


I want to be Barbapapa.


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