FINISHED? DONE? YES! -Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Design Company

Hello there! I’m super excited to be done with this project. It has been an amazing experience! When we first started this project I didn’t know if we were going to finish, I didn’t know if teachers were actually going to use the trailer. But now that we have finished, now that teachers are using the trailer I feel great. After lots of hard work, through design, and building, cleaning, weeping, smiling, we have finished reconstructing an airstream trailer. After spending months on this project, and seeing the end product makes me so proud.

The inside of the finished whale!

The inside of the finished whale!

My favorite part of this project was building the furniture. I never imagined using a drill would be so much. But it is! Everytime we drilled something, we would push each other, telling one another to “Drive it! Drive it!” It was exciting and funny. Also throughout the building process I was able to gain  lots of confidence I had not had before in using the power tools. Before this class I had never used power tools before, maybe not have even touched one before, but after this class, I feel like I am ready to build anything, and that I can. That is the best part of this whole entire project is the knowledge and confidence we are taking away!

My least favorite part was google sketchup. I was able to learn a lot about how to use google sketchup became much more experienced with the program, but it was a real struggle to get through. There were times when I just had to stand up and walk out of the classroom in frustration. But I got through it with some awesome finishing products!

The group!

The group!

The trailer looks great! The best part of the trailer in my opinion is the capet. It is a very bright orange carpet, with little designs. It stands out, and looks amazing. All the colors in the trailer to be honest look amazing. I love oranges and the yellows. The end of the trailer looks great as well. With the desk, we made some last minute changes, moving the desk over to the window, this way when the teachers work they would be able to look outside. It is nice walking in and seeing the natural light reflect on the desk, and rest of the trailer. I hope all the teachers use it, and appreciate the hard work we have put in to it. It would be good idea for us kids to have a master key. I don’t know just a suggestion.. I would really like to see the inside of the whale again!



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