Cornerstone Night: Mission Accomplished – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

“Why are you late with your blog, Maya?” you ask. I’m not! Woot! Instead of writing about practicing speeches, how we played games for half of our last POE class, and how Ms. Jo worked all of Friday putting even more finishing touches on the Whale, I get to tell you all about how our Cornerstone presentation went! For a week, we had been writing our scripts for Friday, practicing, and kind of stressing about the presentation because we were terrified of the yet-faceless judges. I got pooped on by a bird when we were practicing our lines outside, which really didn’t seem like a good omen. We were only slightly mollified by the fact that Ms. Jo would bring a cake for us at the end. But really, it all went well.

Our VENTURA cake!

VENTURA shirt! Each girl's shirt was different!

VENTURA shirt! Each girl’s shirt was different!

Friday started off really well, actually! Ms. Jo made us some awesome Project Ventura shirts that we got during class, we practiced our speeches a bit, and then we just decompressed for the rest of the time. Then, around 4 p.m., we realized that it was raining, and someone spread a rumor that the Airstream, after all of our work, had a leak. This, on top of bird poop, did not seem like a good omen, because only EVERYBODY would go outside and see that the Airstream was not actually well-made. We had 2 girls lose their shoes going outside to check on what was happening, but I think that it was a worthy sacrifice, because there wasn’t really much of a leak at all. Otherwise, between 4:35 and 6:00, we alternated between setting up the library, stressing, ordering and eating pizza (this and stressing really go together), and running around like hooligans (Gus, who cut her foot during this time, would say “heathens”). There was a lot of nervous energy coming from most of our girls, if you can’t tell. Around 6:00, Ms. Jo welcomed everybody and gave a quick overview of the project, and then gave the stage to Bethany, whose group wrote the 1st chapter. For me, who really hadn’t stressed during the past week, that was when it got real. I was encouraged by glancing at Coach Brown every now and then and seeing her consistently smile, but I really was so “in the zone” that I didn’t even think to check for our actual judges. From one person, I heard that they didn’t come, and from another I heard that they were dividing their time between our presentation and the juniors’ internship celebration. We actually ended up not getting any questions after the presentation (well, we got some from parents during the meet-and-greet), and I personally felt like we did pretty well. There were admittedly some stutters from each of us, some improvised scripting, and some fidgeting, but really, I’m proud of our girls. We did really well, in our own opinions and from the reviews of our audience. Ms. Jo had our e-book projected, and the audience was able to see the pictures that we had attached to each of our chapters, which helped hold interest in our speakers and gave us something to reference while speaking. The 7th graders, who were also part of Garden VENTURA, even had a little presentation about the beautiful garden that they made around the Airstream.

The after-party was a nice, casual success, with food and exploring the Airstream and lots of “oohs” and “aahs” at our work. The teachers that came were excited and eager to be able to actually use it, some even requesting access for Tuesday (the next day of school), and that was encouraging. Our admins gushed, we ate cake, pictures with the Airstream were taken, and it was all just fun. Biomed and Media, the other two school pathways, had presented their Cornerstone projects on Tuesday through Thursday, but I think that overall, our Engineering girls were the most pleased with our own.

Found Ms. Wiersema’s Twitter.

So, really, that’s all, folks! Thank you so much for supporting us throughout the entire year, and a great thank you to everybody who came to our presentation! Our e-book will be available for FREE soon, so get it from iTunes, and visit the teachers in the Airstream next year! Finally, truly, over and out!


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