Writing, writing and more writing – Jordan Smith Jedi design

Hello all! Honestly, we’re not doing anything to exciting except for write. We write our drafts, we write our final drafts. We are doing nothing but writing. It’s quite… boring. Not in the this is so fun expressing my feelings and what not. Because that is not how we are writing at all. We are doing technical writing. Which is the complete opposite of the blogs. It’s more of a boring way to write. It’s informative, like text books! Which are actually the worst things ever invented. Luckily, we are not old men sitting around, trying to ruin children’s life. We are children trying to inform adults and excite their life a little more. And make it more adventurous. So, our eBook is getting put together by Mrs.Jo. But the writing and research all us. ha ha.

My part to write about was energy, which isn’t as exciting as inspiration boards but hey the more knowledge the better right? Well in the process, I learned knew things. I learned about photovoltaics cells, which get direct sunlight and converts it into electricity. Which is actually also, it’s similar to solar panels. They look alike but have different functions. Bet you guys didn’t know the sun is our main energy source? Okay, maybe you did. That one was obviously. But you get my drift right? The best part about it all is that we are presenting our parts in front of a panel of judges and I’m so nervous. I don’t want to mess up, or say the wrong thing. I mean, I know this information like the palm of my hand… or maybe its the back of my hand. Either way! I know it. I wrote it, I obviously know it. But, the thought of going up, hearing my voice on a microphone for three minutes. Nope, that is torture. Especially because of my stage fright. No. I will probably run off and hide. I have been practice though. Mrs. Jo  said to practice a lot in the mirror because that helps and to time yourself and it’s just nerve wracking.

On the bright side, the air stream is just about finished and looks beautiful.


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